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  2. guess the number of days until gw23 starts. go and reply.
  3. Ah I see. Well first, logical fallacy because that doesn't change whether you are a clown or not. Second, good to know. I'll keep that in mind 😛
  4. Assuming you know what that idiom means, how the hell is me calling you out for making the equivalent of GPWCs/NPOs "okay boomer" response to this guy's perfectly justified opinion (and even more so now) in any way hypocritical of myself?
  5. This dude has posted stuff like this previously and no one actually knows who he is/why he posts about us, so sue us for finding the humor in it and having some fun.
  6. This was funny, then TKR inadvertently proved the OPs point and made themselves look like clowns. Well done.
  7. I would believe Wizel. He is in TKR so this must be accurate.
  8. TKR has abused me throughout the years, destroying my startup alliances, making me reroll on numerous occassions and overall, they've been a nuisance to my national- and alliance sovereignty, not to even mention of my mental health.
  9. Good day to you, dear E.I.C'er. May your journeys bring success to you.

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