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  1. ->Free things ->No taxes ->No interest... How do you get funds?! This seems fishy, hmm. Anyway, you chose a nice poem
  2. Since you declared, you should be able to attack even if he is in Vacation Mode.
  3. I agree, I think it will also make people a bit more cautious before declaring and it will also make attrition wars quite more cool... Yet nuclear weapons should also be able to destroy projects, just like ground and naval battles, with the same or even a lower chance of it happening. I mean, nukes are supposed to be a weapon of "mass destruction" so it would make sense to give them (with the sake of RNGsus) this kind of power.
  4. Could Captcha while posting trade offers be removed? Or at least could the values of the offer not be deleted? It is a bit of a drag to put the values again, and humans get lazy.
  5. If you need food just ask, no need to scam
  6. Move your country to South America. You have oil, bauxite and lead as raw resources... Thus you can also produce gasoline without buying oil in the market.
  7. Now it's 421, we need one downvote owo
  8. Neither upvote nor downvote, but the opposite of both.
  9. And what's your choice? (I'm that only fella that has currently voted for bulba unu)
  10. I recognise you as the true king of P&W... Yet the only good king is the dead one! Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité The Revolution has begun!
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