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[RoH] Ladies With Gentle Hands


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13 hours ago, darkblade said:



With The Wheel of Death landing on us, we wonder how this could of happened. Rose? TKR? Aurora? Eclipse? Who could have put us in such a predicament? Well ladies with gentle hands, there is only one man. Not only did @Kastor jinx us, but he paid Arrgh 400m to put us on the wheel. So with that, we recognize hostilities with @Kastor. He will receive an invoice for the total damage dealt to us by Arrgh.


TL;DR Singularity Recognizes Hostilities With @Kastor.

Your honor, my client, Kastor Lordaeron, has had no dealings with pirates, scallywags, smugglers, sailors, privateers, or any characters-of-ill-repute. These false accusations are brazen, outlandish, and ludicrous. I will prove to this court that Mr. Lordaeron is innocent of all charges, and furthermore that Mr. Lordaeron is an upstanding citizen of this good land and has never had so much as a parking ticket before these accusations!

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