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  1. Biggest of big brain moves in spying ever Tib’s spies walked into a hangar, blew up a singular jumbo jet and walked out
  2. Make sure to give mr roberts a big kiss He’ll apreciate it
  3. Dont worry guys ussr has got things under control When has communism ever failed?…. Oh right
  4. Wheres the cake to celebrate the moment? We need a cake
  5. Cant believe i never recieved my free tickets and then westeros gets attacked aswell Very rude i would say, 1 star review on yelp for the cringe circus
  6. Carpet bombing a circus that mistreats animals sounds alot to what PETA would actually resort to doing Also where are my free tickets?
  7. Cheers on the new alliance! & Glory to the king!
  8. I’ll personally look back at rome with respect. For all the alliance has done for me and the community i was a part of Makes me sad to see it go but nothing lasts forever i guess
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