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when i look at new nations page or when i go and trade i cant believe that there are nations that have such stupid names like "Soviet Nipples" or United States of Murica with a score of 2000 no less.

not sure about you but me and many others would some times spend 30 mins or even 2 hours coming up with a backstory for there nations and give it a good name and flag then i see that the guy who wants me to join is Alliance is some really awful joke name that kinda kills the mood for a lot of players my self included 


im not asking that you punish this players it is not my job to screw with there rights nor would i want to but i have a simple idea to fix this issue.

for new nations that join in the game just as how they can make a bit of money for doing a test they should be rewarded if there nation has a decent bit of thought put in to it or the name is fitting this would all so bring in more people who enjoy history or alt history


after all the target player is the some what educated person with a decent liking towards history and politics 

perhaps im just running my mouth but what do you guys think? should we try and get more people in the game who love history by having this? will it be seen as stupid by some? will it not help? i really would like to know 

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maybe we should just ban them if they have profanity in their name?

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