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  1. matt you should record it so the east coast people (such as myself) can actually listen ;]
  2. Well that was a wild ride, but I look forwards to Pantheon not dying in the future, and good relations with TFed. =]
  3. Well I suppose that explains their meteoric rise, and now we'll be able to give them what they deserve. PANTHEON FOREVER!!
  4. I'm about to go mess with some stragglers too. Kinda funny how they can't take more than three hours of getting rolled when we've withstood it for what, a month? Shows you who's the stronger party here.
  5. Haha, very funny Nova, I suppose prepare for a mass raid. Pantheon forever!
  6. Looking forwards to working with the Black Knights team! =]
  7. Indeed, we're starting a war for once. Let's cross our fingers that it's winnable haha Personally I intend to take down a lot of people with me if that's how it goes
  8. Lory. Chill. I'll give you pancakes
  9. Excuse me? I love how you guys are so unattractive to new members that you have to feebly attempt to poach ours.
  10. We'll miss you Emp! have fun irl =] And to all the people doubting Ethos because he's new, that's just because you haven't seen him before. He'll do great, I'm confident in him.
  11. Thanks for helping out with this great game, and best of luck! =] Disclaimer: I am not Goomy.
  12. I like the idea of the project, but I agree that the air defense per ship should be 1:2. The cost seems reasonable as well =] Disclaimer: I am not Goomy
  13. maybe we should just ban them if they have profanity in their name?
  14. Hello If you ever need anything, like advice on growing your nation, feel free to message me! I'm https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=121874 ingame, and my Discord ID is GoomyMan#4496, if you don't have Discord I suggest getting it ASAP, it's a free chat application on mobile and PC. Discord is key for alliance communication! And you'll want to join an alliance ASAP, to protect from raiders and the like. And welcome to P&W :]
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