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  1. Republic of Vietnam

    Official Nominations for the 2018 PnW Awards

    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=144278 Republic of Vietnam bad ass looking as hell
  2. Republic of Vietnam

    awful nation names

    no hell no
  3. Republic of Vietnam

    awful nation names

    when i look at new nations page or when i go and trade i cant believe that there are nations that have such stupid names like "Soviet Nipples" or United States of Murica with a score of 2000 no less. not sure about you but me and many others would some times spend 30 mins or even 2 hours coming up with a backstory for there nations and give it a good name and flag then i see that the guy who wants me to join is Alliance is some really awful joke name that kinda kills the mood for a lot of players my self included im not asking that you punish this players it is not my job to screw with there rights nor would i want to but i have a simple idea to fix this issue. for new nations that join in the game just as how they can make a bit of money for doing a test they should be rewarded if there nation has a decent bit of thought put in to it or the name is fitting this would all so bring in more people who enjoy history or alt history after all the target player is the some what educated person with a decent liking towards history and politics perhaps im just running my mouth but what do you guys think? should we try and get more people in the game who love history by having this? will it be seen as stupid by some? will it not help? i really would like to know
  4. Republic of Vietnam

    a question for the game dev

    rly? i think its radical not just in how it was done but how communist thought is even in its purest form for example commies want there to be no nations in the end only 1 super state no 2 they want no one to be prideful in there race and just have us all be bland humans with some communists planing to have the world all have 1 toung and culture as to get rid of the idea of the nation state we can see this in a small with with east Germany and Hungary and Poland only 80 years ago they would not have called them self as 'Slavic" but due to how the ussr acted they brainwashed them in to thinking there something there not Nazism and Communism are both awful and both racist end of story
  5. Republic of Vietnam

    a question for the game dev

  6. Republic of Vietnam

    a question for the game dev

    to qoute this post i must point out that you did not reply back to what a brudda said about why the hammer and sickle is not banned. with all due respect the only reply was a A style of reply of if you do not like the game don't play it. well im not a nazi or a communist but i have to ask for him. why is the hammer and sickle and commie hate group flags not banned? that and why dose the hammer and sickle get a pass? not...that im saying we should have swastkas in the game but why dose one radical party get a pass here? no hate just curious im a historian my self and a geopolitical thinker i just want to know why websites and games like yours allow the hammer and sickle to still be used signed Quan Minh Dao first president of the third Republic of Vietnam ps im all so worried that my flag could in the future be deemed as a hate flag and get me banned ps to the PS why cant we post in that comment section as soon as you read it?

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