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  1. Is this one of those alliances created off a whim with no planning? If so, please rethink the decision.
  2. Every day we stray further from God
  3. Figures you'd have low standards for what classifies as an alliance.
  4. This belongs in National affairs, your alliance is literally just your nation.
  5. There is an extremely disproportionate number of c30's vs c20's.
  6. I personally don't think 1/4 is sufficient. Currently, you're not supposed to give more than 3 days beige (50% plane buy) to your opponents, so 1/4 (50% with double buy) wouldn't provide the comeback opportunity I think this change is seeking to do.
  7. I'd also say per city, and anything more than 50k, but preferably in a higher range like Akuryo said.
  8. It's your opinion whether this change is good for the longevity of the game, as pointed out by other people, there's a lot of apparent issues the change would have on wars (see: Dryad's post). The only reason I support it, is because there's a supposed other change coming allowing one to buy 1/3 of their max military per day, but alone, this change creates a lot of problems.
  9. I think this change will be even more valuable in conjunction with the ability to buy 1/3 of one's max military per day (assuming that is still being implemented), so overall good stuff here.
  10. I'm for refactoring the score formula, but don't reward players who inflate their scores incredibly with obscene amounts of infra, tanks, and ships (nukes, missiles, for some), let those people continue to be in downdeclare range of people who can easily overwhelm them with superior military capacity. These people who don't understand score inflation are probably some of your biggest proponents for this change, and you would just be rewarding their ignorance instead of allowing them to be taught by failure in being absolutely destroyed by downdeclares. Agree with Akuryo and agree with Changeup.
  11. The whole game is spent waiting, however as a new player, there are a lot of unaligned nations you can raid and surely your alliance would allow/recommend doing such.
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