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  1. That was just North Point. If you read the previous page of this thread with the Polaris reps on KT, you would have quickly realized these were not the only reps, just the one for my alliance, North Point. This, ignoring that those reps were absurd and unjustified, and further ignoring that Epi facilitated the theft of our bank, meaning he knew we were already in a bad financial position and could not possibly afford those reps.
  2. Epi --> North Point: 13bn reps, non negotiable.
  3. Really puts my alliance hopping to shame.
  4. The Wei higher than Guardian, how do you figure? I don’t think by size, neither skill, does Wei have them beat.
  5. 1. Syndicate 2. TKR 3. tCW 4. Rose 5. CotL 6. Immortals 7. Guardian 8. Camelot 9. Ampersand 10. Carthago Personal opinion.
  6. Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=219817 Nature of violation: No details needed, just look at the nation.
  7. RIP Clover Kingdom Sort of unrelated but; Arthur: "I expect this discussion to stay private... Don't log dump..." Shadow: "None of our deals will be made public via the forums" Also Shadow: *leaks it all anyway*
  8. The irony in this post being that UA is also just a sea of inactives.
  9. Yes but people do not want to hear the reasoning (excuses) in what appears to be an apology, it just seems like last-ditch efforts to share or entirely absolve oneself of blame.
  10. I'm confused, why are you making excuses? Seemingly you're trying to absolve Camelot of this guilt by pinning the accountability on North Point (and tCW???), when in reality it's not our fault that your grudge with us took precedent over upholding your virtues. Ignoring that tCW switching sides was Camelot's prime opportunity to swap and yet chose to remain complicit and ignoring that Epi knew his part in the NP bank theft, and Epi was made fully aware that we (NP) knew too. NP made a poor FA decision for giving IQ the reason they wanted to drag us back into the war, that was our mistake.
  11. Forum name: Hizubiki Media Forum profile link: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/10687-hizubiki-media/ Nature of violation: Player has been banned previously and has made a new account to bypass said ban.
  12. What's stopping you?
  13. Forum name: Pyrrha Forum profile link: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/10328-pyrrha/
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