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  1. Nice treaty! I don’t think I’ve seen some of these kinds of articles before; It’s unique, and I like that you’re trying something new~ Good luck!
  2. It should be a lot harder (if not near-impossible) for any nominations to be sniped when they broaden the shortlisting results next year, as Adri stated they will~ You might feel robbed this year and that’s valid, but going back now to change things isn’t really an option. I don’t think most of us want to recast our votes again and it might not have changed the results for your category anyway... Also I would not measure popularity or quality with reactions. I noticed recently in the war name poll that VietQuack as a nomination got no reactions, but is currently one of the lead runne
  3. Personally I like it because it follows the same naming convention as Surfs Up, which is, in a way, part of the same war..
  4. At that point, depositing the excess decimals into the bank works fine.
  5. Dis is a cool bloc, good luck!
  6. And all it cost me was my 2 cents in the form of a downvote, cheap.
  7. Welcome to the game, fellow weeb
  8. You apologized for it, so yes. I mean really, try not to forget the entire reason you're hiding in vacation mode right now is because we were burning your pixels over your words. What you fail to understand is an apology does not automatically absolve you of your heinous actions and it certainly does not give you any ground to stand on when you accuse others of the same thing you did only a month ago. Not surprising a moron like you couldn't figure out that I and most of Chocolate Castle are weebs but, it'll be a wonderful day in this community when you're finally banned.
  9. There is more basis for his claims than for the slander you attempted on Chocolate Castle, you may stop projecting now.
  10. Best Alliance Theme: ArrghBest Alliance Page: Children of the LightBest Alliance Discord: Chocolate CastleMost Engaged Alliance: The SyndicateBest Gaming Crew: QuackBest Business (news outlets, banks, graphic design companies, etc): Royal Orbis NewsBest Art Designer: AmeyuriBest Moderator (can be either forums or discord): LossiBest Community Contributor: AdrienneBest New Addition to the Community: YangFunniest Player: RedarmyNicest Player: MenheraBest Bromance: Putmir and TarrocBest OOC Poster: HodorBest Forum Topic (please link): If I think of anything.Best Forum Reply (please link):
  11. Player of the Year: VeinMost Influential Player: PartisanMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: VeinBest Alliance Leader: Lossi and MenheraWorst Alliance Leader: Dwight K SchruteBest Government Member (not a leader): McMasterBest General Member: RedarmyMost Missed Player: Smith 💔Best IC Poster: Katashimon13Poster You Most Love to Hate: PhoenyxBest Villain: AbbasLargest E-Peen: VeinBest Fighter: Hidude45454Best Raider: DryadMost Controversial Player: MarsPlayer You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: AlexPlayer that is Worst at Responding to DMs: LossiBest Player Avatar: AmeyuriBest Player Signatu
  12. Alliance of the Year: The SyndicateMost Powerful Alliance: The SyndicateMost Improved Alliance: Black KnightsBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): Chocolate CastleMost Missed Alliance: The Golden HordeBest Alliance for New Players: The Knights RadiantMost Honorable Alliance: The SyndicateMost Immoral Alliance: Knights TemplarMost Controversial Alliance: RoseBiggest Warmongers: Children of the LightBiggest Pixel-Huggers: World Task ForceWorst Fighting Alliance: FarkistanBest Alliance Growth: EclipseBiggest Alliance Decline: Schrute FarmsMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: Choco
  13. This hurt to read, well wishes to all his friends and family affected~
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