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  1. Nice reading comprehension.
  2. Does the infrastructure price reset in new city??
  3. So you said real communism hasn't been tried? Well what if I were to tell you that Pol Pot was the purest of communists, responsible for the ideology of Pol Pot Thought shortened endearingly to Pot Thought. This idea states that people with glasses are intellectuals and deserve to be shot, and everyone should live in barracks and plough the fields until they collapse from exhaustion. What if I were to tell you that communist ideologies are just a front put up by predatory people that want to hurt you in order to lure your dumb ass into their cult so you can become another drone in the borg collective. You should know that nothing in this world is ever free (as in free beer). If someone is promising you free shit, it is almost always a scam. Conservatives may seem like dicks when they don't offer you free shit, but at least they don't make promises they can't deliver.
  4. Bro no you are wrong my own special brand of communism hasn't been tried yet. All other communists were not real communists.
  5. Didn't read honestly but this is a massive cope. Why do commies think writing long boring prose that body cares to read makes them intelligent?
  6. My initial reply in your report thread was respectful. I explained my reasoning and explained I was not trying to be racist and you are the only person who was so bothered by it that you felt the need to cry about it. I extended an olive branch to you and said I was willing to change my behavior if a mod told me it was not okay, but I did not believe what I was doing from the start was breaking any rules. You just doubled down and spoke to me in a tone as though you had any authority over me, and I am replying to you in a manner that befits the way you've been treating me the entire time I have had thr displeasure of interacting with you. In accordance with the rules and Administrator Anime Girl I have changed my nation description so that it is no longer """"""racist"""""".
  7. Are you capable of understanding the concept of irony or sarcasm or has watching too many poorly dubbed animes left you tone deaf? It's pathetic how you latch on to this purported racism thing when it is so obvious what my intention was. And I am sure that you if you look through the hundreds of nations in the game you will find much worse shit but trying to get me banned is obviously some kind of entertainment for you. On a side note, it's a strange coincidence how every time I see a user in any community bullying new members it's consistently a weeb avatar. What is it about guys who have little girls as their avatar that makes them so hostile?
  8. You are the one that called me racist and decided to immediately try to get me banned when I just started playing. So who is being hostile?
  9. Absolutely lovely how hostile this community is to new players. I am about to be banned now I am sure. Nice playing with you all I guess.
  10. I'm starting to recall why I quit CN in the first place. Karens like you backseat moderating and reporting everything you don't like. The reason why I have "not made an effort" to change my nation description is because you aren't a mod and I don't have to answer to you. I just got two warns today and I have barely made any posts, including one for "necroposting" in a thread that was on the front page. If I get warned or banned for this ridiculous thing too then no big loss if this is the welcome I get in this community.
  11. I am surprised they cheated. I used to play CN way back in 06-09. Their mega blocks did ruin the game but I never thought they'd stoop that low. I guess all the veterens grew up and quit and got replaced by zoomers with 0 moral integrity. Are you also aware that Polaris (aka NpO) is Pacifica's blue colony?
  12. Hey buddy, racism is power + privilege according to social science, which is known to be the hardest science known to man backed by mathematical models and empirical evidence. That means it is physically impossible to be racist against white people. On a serious note though, durmij is on the ball, it is an obvious parody of lefties and I do not actually believe it. It is my ingame character. On a pozzed site like reddit or facebook saying something like that unironically is completely tolerated, which I am satirizing. If I did break the community rules I did not mean to and I'd happily adjust my behavior if I hear from a mod about this. Maybe you can be lenient on me since I am a new player.
  13. This is first time I registered in this game.
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