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  1. They also don't need to assume my reasoning for leaving Ignis. I didn't leave because of what yall said. I left to learn
  2. Take this how you will, but the people who need to know what's happening already do
  3. Long live the king!
  4. Oh we're so far beyond that. At this point I've accepted that people don't like us
  5. That's what this was meant to be, but people decided it was meant for Ignis' gain What were we supposed to gain from this?
  6. Could've been a lot worse, yes. I'm still thankful we found it when we did
  7. The society likely collapsed as soon as I leaked it. Hadiez claims he's quitting and Kim likely won't make it far. We're unsure of how many other members are involved. If the messages between Nexa and Hadiez were correct, there could be several macros that have already been infiltrated We've fixed the guide but okay
  8. tl;dr two of them were my members
  9. No, this is an actual post. tl;dr, a group of players threatened the peace of Orbis by creating an underground trading ring bent on invading every alliance and leaking info The Howling discord server was deleted soon after I informed E404
  10. Cam apologizes for being war mongerers
  11. Yes, but first time with a genuine end goal in mind
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