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  1. As one of the parties involved in this(Weebunism), Shut up
  2. Despite any actions to the contrary by certain intergalactic alliances, not everyone surrenders immediately.
  3. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=179642 Ruler Name:Valid Leader Name Nature of Violation:background and banner are rapidly flashing
  4. Big Alliance needs to be broken up
  5. Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=177035 Ruler Name: Dancemasterlee Nature of Violation: the picture they have for soldiers is a rather inappropriate picture of a pig with rather large gonads. using google image search turns up "pig with big nuts" Military picture Original from Google reverse image search (probably NSFW)
  6. What were you doing (or trying to do): withdrawing money from alliance bank What happened (describe thoroughly please): while trying to withdraw from my alliance bank to my nation, i occasionally run into an error. I can only reproduce it roughly 25% of the time. I'm also the only nation on my network Link to page: Any other relevant information: Screenshot: (if available)
  7. Whoever said I was an internet lawyer lol. Besides, who would use a trade bot, breaking rules in the process, to trade *looks down at paper* 52 food? If it was to coverup that "sweetheart" deal, why would this person "responsible for multiple large scale bank heists" use something that breaks the rules when a few normal trades would suffice. That's more than evidence that Neko was hacked
  8. You're arguing that it's impossible for Neko to have been accidentally leaked their login details becuase theyre responsible for multiple large scale bank heists but you believe that they would be dumb enough to use a bot to buy 52 food in the span of a minute
  9. Ah yes, the Pubbie, terrible opsec, but giving out login credentials is out of the question. Wait a moment...
  10. Regardless, you believe that someone who is responsible for multiple large scale bank heists isn't dumb enough to accidentally give out their login but you believe that same person is incompetent enough to do such a shoddy cover up?
  11. Are you going to keep up with the juvenile name calling?
  12. You seem to be trying extra hard to accuse Neko of this aren't you? Rather telling when one resorts to ad hominem attacks. Are you sure this isn't a continuation of the cyberbullying that caused Neko to reroll in the first place? This has and the botting are the same incident
  13. On the contrary this is relavent, the timing of everything is rather suspicious especially when you consider this report was made half a day after these trades happened and that Neko was previously cyberbullied by GOONS enough that he had to reroll his nation. It'd be hard to believe you accidentally "stumbled" upon them
  14. It should also be known that the re roll blutarch mentioned in the other thread was due to GOONS harassing Neko " But Blutarch, 11/24/2019 is when Nekoville was founded! They're a new player! They are not a new player. This is a re-roll of a previous player. I will not disclose who this previous player is because it is irrelevant, but the Administrator, @Alex knows who it is. This player has been around a much longer time than 11/24/2019. It is therefore entirely feasible that the account is an old sleeper alt of Neko. "
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