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  1. And while we are getting multiple tax brackets could we possibly get multiple alliance bank vaults?
  2. Alliance Tax Brackets! Looks like Valkyrie is headed for another Civil War.
  3. Anyone want to be friends with Valkyrie? Anyone? *Crickets* Okay...
  4. They fired Brad's wife on his birthday.
  5. We offer nudes instead. And expect more nudes in return.
  6. Can you set it so that I can type multiple recipients into the alliance Bank's "Withdraw" bar? We have some lame statutes in our alliance that require me to send everyone in the alliance X amount of cash/resource at one time and this would save me a lot of time. Also it would be cool if you had some tools that make it easier to see the amount of tax revenue coming in per turn. Again, it's easy to do already but it just takes a lot of time to count up all of the money everyone is putting in per turn and such. And as always, thanks for being an awesome admin Alex!
  7. This academy looks expensive. You know who to send the kids to so that their student debt gets written up correctly. Good work Valyria!
  8. I didn't realize Steve had multiple accounts.
  9. I remember him creating those but I had the impression that they were just nations with decent militaries and lots of goods to raid out of them. Were they ever programmed to attack anyone?
  10. Any possibility of generating some NPCs. You know, nations that aren't controlled by a real human that spawn at random at all nations scores and attack at random? Most alliances don't have to deal with raiders often enough. Also it would be nice to have a few rogues to hit that can't treaty with someone. Just a thought. I don't know if it is possible, much less ideal.
  11. We also had something special with the 13th, but she left us for another man with a similar name. But we still love her.
  12. It's spelled "Mannax" Like the two headed lady dragon featuring an extra "N" in the middle. Other than that, I concur as my signature implies.
  13. If you need my nation link https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=8331
  14. But here's how we do this, we have two maxims. (1) Max A for members of alliances accredited by the Commission. (2) Max B for members of alliances not-accredited by the Commission. Max A will be significantly better. If alliance governments don't want to sign on, that's their loss.
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