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  1. Vellocet

    It's about... to go.... DOWN!

    Welcome back! Better luck this time. Let us hope.
  2. Vellocet

    We Know

    You know nothing.
  3. Vellocet

    House Arryn, DOE

    Not the first, nor that last Song of Ice and Fire alliance.
  4. Vellocet

    DoO condemns The Royal Dragons, laughs

    The same could be said about your thread.
  5. Vellocet

    Give in to your darkest desire.

    No, thanks.
  6. Vellocet

    8/13/2017 - Captcha Relief

    Feeling relieved.
  7. Vellocet

    Goodbye from Valyria!

    Merging all Song of Fire and Ice themed alliances in one would be a good idea. Tidy and organized.
  8. Vellocet

    Vortex Union DoE

    Hopefully you stick around for long enough.
  9. Vellocet

    LoDN DOE

    Good luck.
  10. Vellocet

    The Return Voyage Treaty

    o/ Polaris! o/ Acadia!
  11. Vellocet

    New Nation "Tyrol"

    We hope you like it here.
  12. Congratulations on founding the Republic of Deltora on Orbis!
  13. Welcome, Sava! May your rule over Vojvodina be magnificent.
  14. Vellocet

    The World Map


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