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  1. @Horsecock Best DoW I've seen in a long ass time. Cheers, and let's have some fun eh?
  2. Epstein didn't kill himself.
  3. #FreeOrbis! The Age of Fun is upon us brothers and sisters! Throw off your shackles and join us in the Final battle!
  4. TBH totally forgot the forums existed for a bit there.
  5. *Tells people the truth and that there wasn't a merger* *People still think there was a merger* *sigh*
  6. Thanks for being objective, I'm trying to clarify that there isn't a master plan we just want to hangout and play a game together. Last I had seen it it was at 41 members so my mistake if I was incorrect.
  7. Not randomly; a decent number of them who wanted to play the game still has come to us. I'm friends with a few gov members as well so they joined. If you felt like tracking AK members you'd see another decent number of them went to other alliances. In total we gained 18 members which is less then half of AK's member count. From my understanding AK members and gov no longer wanted to deal with petty BS, and wanted to join a fun loving, chill community, which happened to be IronFront.
  8. Throwing this out there: AK did not Merge with IronFront.
  9. >That moment when you regret joining Slytherin the first year of the game. But in all reality you're grasping at straws at this point. Don't make a fool of yourself
  10. *Is of Jewish heritage running an anti-nazi, anti-communist alliance and gets called a nazi*
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