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  1. Thanks @Alex First and foremost, I appreciate the time you spend developing this game and coming out with updates consistently. It must take some effort and hard work to do such. Also, it must be stressful and perplexing as hell to moderate P&W, especially recently. Thx for not exploding due to that lol.
  2. Income from playing isn’t very significant. There’s a reason why BK bought hundreds of thousands of resources at decreased prices from whales last month. They couldn’t afford the prices on the market. They had what... $20B (resources/money) remaining in their war chests before T$phere entered the war. Assuming it’s lower now. NPO may have an actual bank still, but they’ve given billions to their allies to keep them in the war, specifically Cam and GOONs. This is while having military-only builds themselves. I know they say NPO’s bank is huge. But supporting hundreds of ppl for months
  3. It’s apparent that Coalition B doesn’t want peace. Why should we continue to ask for it then? We will never beg for it if that’s what they’re thinking. They want endless war, then that’s what they should receive. BK/NPO will know it was a mistake to mess with T$ and they should be the ones begging for peace next June when we’re still fighting and they’ve run out of resources/money with their military-only builds.
  4. So the truth comes out as it always does eventually. Wonder what spin Coalition B will put on all this to say we’re the ones stalling.
  5. The only thing that makes this game fun is posturing and preparing for war, then going in, and winning. If you wanted a game where you simply built cities, you should’ve played Minecraft ?. On a real note, you’re a goons player my guy. Firstly, you’re trolling. Secondly, you guys are masters at war. Why change that?
  6. Literally Jesus needs to be sacked for posting this “GOONs Quitting Garbage” once again.
  7. Come on George. Why make this comment when BK will be stating such given terms in nine months when this Global War finally ends? ?‍♀️
  8. Congrats on peacing out with TCM and ending this war. At the end of the day, you made a choice that was strategically smart and more beneficial for the alliance and that’s the most important thing. I do believe that what he means to say is that coal is a valid CB, not that them accepting a protectorate treaty from you guys is a valid CB. Honestly, I didn’t know the forums were this bad when it came to miscommunication/misinterpretation. No wonder idiots be declaring wars out of the blue off of a few comments. Nothing against you Jazz. Just thinking about Orbis in general.
  9. Wassup guys. My name is Solomon Wolfe. I’ve just started playing this game for the first time today. Game looks exciting and promising. I’m trying to follow the Swiss model of things. “Commerce is the best weapon.” Let me know if that strat will work out or if it’s stupid and will just get me killed, lol.
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