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  1. Tbh im honestly falling for all the april fools jokes tbh First with Keno The the whole p&w 2.0 thing and now this... god im gullible
  2. That guys build is the new meta EDIT: let me just yoink a link real quick https://politicsandwar.com/city/id=30073
  3. Coup by april fools EDIT: 100%
  4. What a Meme fam but for real though i thought this was a fornite post XD XD XD
  5. And i thought this was a forum post on fortnite...
  6. ET will Roll KT, we all know this is fact
  7. Your flag is hitting that 50 nic juul, Nice man. I wish your alliance the best ?
  8. Denmark is not a real nation Also psyching people out by declaring your gonna attack them in 15 min would be a good meme so ?
  9. Oh yeah gandalf spreading dat magic. But its sad to see that memes go after griefing ?
  10. Nah Bro what you need to do is drop Polar Peak and take the damn sword ? meme on everyone
  11. But they were stopped by the plumber polish so........ ?
  12. May your road lead you to warmer sands landstriders
  13. Had it coming and to be expected i hope they learned that poaching is not to be taken lightly but sadly you din't booty tickle them enough. XD
  14. Well i can tell that the Egyptians aren't going anywhere anytime soon Well i can tell that the Egyptians aren't going anywhere anytime soon
  15. This is lovely News, now again Whos next? -Nobody of Note but will comment anyway
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