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  1. Well i will say one thing... Colo A slot filling. Wheres the bans on them? kinda sucks war effort got fricked by alex but eh more worried about people getting proper penaltys GG i guess
  2. its fine im an ayylien born into the propaganda school of IQ... well i guess OD now a days. Its my job to show blind faith XD this war is firing up again and i like that. gives me something to do for 5 minutes every day.
  3. but then the IQ meme would not exist
  4. us ayyliens only want peace... a peace where only our side exist!
  5. well time to form ZODIAC to get that Achievement and then leave it This ayylien right here is quite sad. I was just burning down enemy planes like any avg roqbot would do and then BOOM i see it. "Create alliance" i go to the discord in confusion to find many other people typing WTF IS GOING ON? but regardless this ayylien still is alive and well! BK STRONK & hope everyone finds there way. EDIT: was from zodiac November 2017 to march 8th when zodiac merged into BK
  6. this is literally an extension of GW14 which we call "Dial-Up war"
  7. I love you EMC Can i have your autograph?
  8. Best Discord Server: CAMELOT Best Gaming Crew: BK "Diplomacy" Games Best Forum Topic (please link): Best Forum Reply (please link): Best Wall of Text (please link): Funniest Event: GPWC getting #1 Biggest Military Blunder: Coalition B's Spy War Best Treaty Announcement: OPUS DEI Best DoW: AFRIKA KORPS DoW on HOUSE STARK Biggest Meme: LEO THE GREAT Best Propaganda Post (please link): N/A Best Moderator: N/A Worst Alliance Leader: SVA
  9. Player of the Year: @Epi Most Influential Player: @Roquentin Best Alliance Leader: @Roquentin Best non-lead government member: @Epi Most Controversial Player: @Leo the Great Best Avatar: @TheNG Best Signature: @Thalmor Best Nation Page: @Leo the Great Best Player Ad: N/A Best Fighter: @Buorhann Best IC Poster: @Akuryo Best OOC Poster: @Akuryo Nicest Player: @rayxhunter Best Radio Talk Show Host: N/A Sexiest Voice: N/A Best Baseball Team: N/A Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: @Epi Best New Addition to the Community: Best Community Contributor: @Prefonteen Most Likely to Become a Real Politician: @Leo the Great
  10. Alliance of the Year: CAMELOT Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: NPO Best Fighters: NPO Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: NPO Most Active Alliance: NPO Best Government Line-Up: GotG Best Rookie Alliance: CAMELOT Most Honorable: KT Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: CAMELOT Best Forums: TKR Best Discord: tCW Best Alliance Page: TKR Most Controversial Alliance: BK Best Alliance for New Players: CAMELOT Best Economic System: GotG Most Missed Alliance from 2019: Frontier Records Best Re-brand: Sanreizan Scariest Alliance: BK Best Alliance Ad: IMMORTALS
  11. Well that is uhmm interesting i can't say i've been a fan of you guys but... I wish you the best of luck coming forward and hope you can find your place in the sun one day. Local ayylien out!
  12. Well in the spirit of Christmas it looks like ill have to give everyone plenty of socks! Can't let your feet get to cold.... and to protect the, from trench foot.
  13. now you gotta stop thanos leo from taking over orbis
  14. I still have some personal animosity toward you gorge for stealing from us and about 60% of our community voted to have you be burned to the ground while 40% just wished to have a confession from you. I can agree with you on the point that supporting people to disband under the guise of "purging the weak" from orbis is really bad for the community and something i can't get behind personally. @George (James T Kirk) I am Sweden ball, a member of this browser game called politics and war and its community since November 2017 with my 1st alliance being Zodiac until March 7th 2018 when Zodiac merged into Black Knights (So I've been under the banner of the mighty IQ my entire lifetime in this game). My point is, I am loyal to black knights & Taco (1 of the former trio leader of zodiac and someone who i've grown to truly enjoy spending time with) and its community wherever it may go/develop. However one thing i have learned in this game (from one of "hippo" @Buorhann little podcast where a part described that people wont do anything for you unless they know you even if your plan is rock solid 100% full proof) is that the average member is "irrelevant" in terms that they won't change anything besides the income of the alliance during peace & its stats during war and another voice in the discord/forum. Knowing this i can only speak my mind. I don't agree with the recent actions of how my government is conducting itself, Particularly in HOW we are managing peace talks. I do believe we won the war and that KETOG/CHAOS/ROSE/$yndisphere should accept ALL of our demands. However we have not given them the chance to look at what they are accepting in the first place. Also all this salt between both ends of war has pretty much caused an US Vs. THEM mentality that as far as i'm aware of only happened on this scale once before. After the silent war $yndi-OO was THE hegemony & Black knights wished to make that "OO" part more prevalent but our partner at the time The knights radiant wished to maintain status-quo and this led to the creation of IQ as we all have grown to hate/love. Now here we are with "Opus dei, APEX, The Covenant & Let's Be Drinking Buddies." Collectively called the THE HEGEMONY OF IQ 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO on the peak of winning the war, Im not saying Dial-up is the 2nd "Silent war" as i personally believe it will be the next global that will decide what the "final Hegemony" which will be broken up by someone demanding political change. im sorry for my ramblings that have gone all over the place as i have never done a "true" forum post but i had to speak my mind. In the end im just a local ayylien whos too attached to Black Knights and its community and wish to see it continue grow in strength as ANYONE wants for there own alliance. We have our flaws but i believe we can fix them. (im just an Average Black knight and we are not all bad and i know the "OTHER" side has good people to i had a lovely in game chat with @Inconnueven though it was brief.)
  15. yall got a family? Orbis is my family, you all have a lovely thanksgiving. so cheers to feasting! your local neighborhood ayylien commands it.
  16. Good to come to an agreement! now we just need a confession from he who should not be named.
  17. I agree malal either way its nice to have daddy roq. ROQBOT #3690 REPORTING FOR DUTY
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