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  1. May the commonwealth forever be in darkness
  2. Sun Tzu

    NAP Ended

    Kill the pixel hugger
  3. Good luck and have fun Hopefully soon
  4. If I had to make a tier list of tier list this one would be a F you put CotL in not top tier
  5. No it doesn’t reset it also doesn’t reset when you lose infrastructure and if anyone tells you otherwise they are trolling
  6. then why is it two different things on the wiki well this was worthless then
  7. so GW 15, the war for orbis is here and we dont even have a name for GW 14, dont you think it is about time for that? well i know that i do so lets here some nominations and lets hear what you think GW 14 should be called.
  8. now this is the ballsy attitude that i like to see
  9. and that is why we cant just surrender now
  10. why would you surrender just when things start to turn in your favor
  11. no that is a bad idea, the bank loot is only like a .35% it is almost nothing
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