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  1. Yay. We are officially friends now. 🎉Happy to be working with you guys
  2. Glad to see top quality chocolate being imported here 😋 . I WANT IT!!
  3. I love how Alex actually thinks this is a good idea
  4. Welcome to the game, I hope you enjoy it If I was to input any advice to you I would say: 1. Dont have farms as the food output is not beneficial. It is a lot cheaper to buy it off the market. 2. Power your second city as that is crucial to function your nation and for your improvements to work. 3. Join an alliance, the sooner the better. Most alliances will accept you and they will give you advice, funding and military protection. 4. Join the politics and war discord server as that is the best way to communicate with fellow players of the game.
  5. Hey there, Welcome to the game To build cities, click on cities on the left hand bar, then click on your city. It will then give you an option to build infrastructure and improvements or you can follow this link: https://politicsandwar.com/city/id=406122 In addition, I recommend to increase your infrastructure in multiples of 100 as it is cheaper to do so. At every 50 infrastructure you build, you can purchase 1 improvement. I also recommend you to got through the tutorial as it will help you with all this stuff
  6. Haris


    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=184415 - 10 million bounty on this one pls ? jk
  7. For Coalition A to surrender For Coalition B to surrender Jokes aside, this war is a bit of a sticky one and there are no signs of it ending soon. I presume more people are leaving the game than actually joining it (if you exclude NPO puppets) which can only be a bad thing and the game seems to only be going in a downwards spiral from this point in terms of treaties and coalition changes.
  8. Pretty good idea tbh, the war system is in need of the change. This concept would reasonably work well if all of these are balanced out correctly, if not the game might turn into something like Cybernations where there is a lot of variations of military units (aircraft and ships) and it has been too much for the players to handle and half of them have turned to being somewhat useless. (Forgive me if I’m wrong, it’s been a long time since I have played the game) So is this more like an add-on? Something that you can easily add-on or a completely different military unit all-together?
  9. Wow, just randomly went on the owf and saw this notif. Despite us not speaking for a long time, you are still a legend in my eyes. Hope you return some day and stay strong homie ?. o7
  10. Predicting when BK and NPO will break up. (not anytime soon at least)
  11. "Posting this here to find people who agree" was one of your titles If you have the masses already on your side why do you need to 'find' people who actually agree?
  12. It is the right StateKraft, check, or is it just me? StateKraft is still in slow testing and most of the game is still in development and the server might not be able to manage a large intake of people all of a sudden.
  13. https://twitter.com/statekraft?lang=en StateKraft is a kind of inactive game where you need a special key to register. Look through the tweets by StateKraft and hopefully you might find one that hasnt been used yet. The game is rarely active and kind of boring after a few days as there is a limited things to do because of : no markets, no alliances and no wars but I am hopeful that some of the features maybe added in the future
  14. A guy with a bad Profile Pic and a bad nation
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