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  1. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=244879 Multi Nations: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=182100 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=245051 Member admitted in alliance Discord to having Nation ID "182100" and transferring resources to themselves. Nation ID "245051" was found using a !multi report in our alliance Discord. https://imgur.com/a/HF577NO (multiple photos in IMGUR link. Warning: Explicit Language in Photos)
  2. Sorry for the wrong impression, I can see now how it sounds like that lol. I used to create rosters and set ups for a GMOD community and I just miss doing that. So I want to see if I could do it for some alliances or something.
  3. Alliance executives, owners, reformers, analyst, proletariats, and members, (EDIT: This is an ad) To be frank, I love creating things such as fancy rosters, hierarchical structures, forum set-ups, databases, and etc. I believe these things could greatly benefit alliances that are beginning to implement guides, laws, taxes, rules, hierarchies, and are growing. These jobs aren't in demand or anything so I wouldn't charge an arm and a leg. I would just request that you pay me what you believe is fair and right. I really do enjoy working on things like this so, politely I ask, throw some big projects at me and give me the reign. It gives me something to do and it would only benefit your alliance. If you would like to inquiry on details or more explanation on what I do, I'd like to ask you message my nation via P&W and we organize how to communicate then. Support small nations, thank you guys for feeding my creative mindset. -P
  4. Greetings fellow leaders, I am President Soprano of Vendorva. My nation is beginning to grow at a consistent rate. My next step is to find a reliable alliance. Larger alliances offer financial and intellectual benefits but keep you as an applicant so you never get to really reep those benefits. On top of that, the guidance is very vague as the larger nations truly do not care for their younger brethren. Smaller alliances are less experienced, don't have the financials, and lack in the intellectual knowledge. I am looking for an alliance somewhere in between. My ideal alliance would be one of 20-30 nations that are willing to provide in depth guidance for me and if ever needed, money. I want to grow my nation, but need help. To contact me, please message my nation on P&W. Thank you very much. -President Soprano, The Nordic Democracy of Vendorva-
  5. Thanks to everyone, hope to see you all politically or militarily
  6. Thank you Haris! I will 100% do that!
  7. Hi everyone! Just call me Crown. I've been looking for a game like this for so long and I am so glad I have finally found one! Don't be afraid to message me on discord or whatever, I'd be glad to hear your inputs, advice, and so on! War on!
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