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  1. Excited about working with so many new types of people and loving the graphics
  2. Great job everyone it’s was fun fighting everyone even if I just the crap beat out of me good people TKR
  3. I think spies should be about to steal money From another nation
  4. CBN News Has late breaking news and Interviews with some of the most in Influential.people in Orbis https://discord.gg/NQqy2BF
  5. The Cityen Government Wishes to extends help to you nation with free mask and ventilators
  6. Good luck to your new alliance
  7. I’ve always ask for a More complicated war system but I don’t think it’s going to happen
  8. Yes you should only be able to create a alliance once every 60 days
  9. Please don’t increase shipyard per city please keep it at 3
  10. Custom Currency and Discord name really looking forward to that. Still would love to be able to upload my own nation map
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