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  1. Melyaj Vijsopj

    On my retirement from Pantheon's government

    This just sad and disgusting no Wonder pantheon lost the dark brotherhood why would even of a second help out nazi’s we used to turn down nazi nations from joining sad sad sad
  2. Melyaj Vijsopj

    Join Atlantis 🔱

    ...and the great cities flourished o'er the mighty continent of Atlantis. The fathers of our race brought splendor where'er they went. As humanity crawled from caves, our ancestors thrived in an oasis of civilization Come join the only water base alliance in the game. Fun growing alliance great for new players to learn the game. Click to see Atlantis Join our Discord
  3. Melyaj Vijsopj

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Sorry to see the Emperor leave you help pull off the impossible bringing Pantheon back from the jaws of death. Crisis after crisis We made a through with your leadership you will be missed. Can’t to see what else Pantheon can surprise people at
  4. Melyaj Vijsopj

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Wow that was a long one. It fives all around. Let’s start rebuilding for the next one
  5. Melyaj Vijsopj

    PROJECT PROPOSAL - Naval Air Support System

    Why not just different kind of ships to the game like air craft carriers could fight air submarine to give some spy bonus and battle ships could attack tanks with having different strategies of each nation’s navy could be cool
  6. Melyaj Vijsopj

    Join Shield a future alliance coming in 2019

    https://discord.gg/heHV3Jn https://discord.gg/heHV3Jn Click to join
  7. Melyaj Vijsopj

    Join Shield a future alliance coming in 2019

  8. Click to join S.H.I.E.L.D. Hello everyone, Shield is returning in 2019 and looking for Officers and members. Must have been playing for at least 6 months to apply for a Government Position. Join now and get the founder discord tag. We are looking for new members and we have the guides to train you up right in politics and war. Join now and you don’t even need to leave your alliance till we start in game. Come by for a Interview today https://discord.gg/aTXYaYF
  9. Melyaj Vijsopj

    The Egyptian Empire Recognition Of Hostilities

    Good Luck My fellow Egyptian Brethren I don’t think y’all will fair well with this war but I wish you luck
  10. Melyaj Vijsopj

    Blessed by the Gods

    So excited about this new relationship with Pantheon and Godfury we share so much in common the two best Greek Alliances in the Game
  11. Melyaj Vijsopj

    Roleplay as your in-game leader.

    How Everybody doing?
  12. Democracy awaits https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=3239 there's are so few free alliances come join the League
  13. Melyaj Vijsopj

    United Alliance for Freedom

    Thinking about forming a new Alliance called United Coalition of nations for free nations if inerested message me
  14. Melyaj Vijsopj


    The United Cities Welcomes you to the game
  15. anybody want to give me 2 Credits so i can have my flag. I really wish i could have it. Being a new nation i don't have the money but i do have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UnitedCitiesOfHappyCity/

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