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  1. Ours does, but its more due to us combining our ns RP with our cn/pw's. Huh, I actually never noticed. Looks good though, very comprehensive. When was it added?
  2. I still thought dispatches was the way to go, allow nations to make factbooks etc. and let them RP better. Also better guides for new players/easy builds to follow etc.
  3. 1: Bank automation should be allowed, albeit possibly with a delay between the request and the action just so stuff can't be instantly transferred when a war is declared etc. For a centralised alliance, being able to automate banking is critical. For our alliance, nations need X resources sent each day to keep them running and that should be able to be automated, be it ingame or through bots. 2. Mass messaging - should be 3 ways of doing so, manual, API and credits. - Manual - so players can manually copy paste, to reward hard work. - API - with a few mins limit between messages, but so it's still possible to send messages automatically for lists the game won't allow targetting for. - Credits - Pay a credit for X mass messages, targetable for new nations, alliances etc. - basically a whole lot of presets for what most people use it for. Should be the preferred way to mass message. 3. HTML vs. API Should have a rate limit for HTML of at least *10, so if you've got to wait 1 second between requests for the API, you have to wait at least 10 for the HTML site. Should still be possible to scrape, as the API will never have everything, but between the API and some sort of daily dump system of wars/cities/alliances/nations, that should cover most.
  4. I really like the idea of a food cost to buying soldiers. Upping unit costs is fair enough, given the login bonus has increased.
  5. What about destroy resources/money as a spy op? Obviously only certain resources (the ones that you'd loot in a war)
  6. I actually agree. Best wars are when you get rekt, both as an individual and for an alliance, trims the fat as most of the fair weather players go away.
  7. Agreed. What we're saying is we'll negotiate peace once they admit they lost. Until then, we'll keep on fighting. While the peace negotiations are ongoing, we'll keep on fighting. If either side is unhappy with the negotiations, we'll keep on fighting. Essentially we're going to keep fighting til peace, or til the enemy's ability to fight is reduced to only soldiers as they're blockaded, their alliance has collapsed or cast them out, and their improvements, cash and resources are reduced to what they can make from baseball and the daily login bonus.
  8. You do know GWP and GWPC are different acronyms right?
  9. This was a really irritating change at least for me. Been a bit, still annoys me everytime I open the baseball page. I run without adblock most of the time, and don't really want to have to install it on this browser exclusively to block ads on a single page for PW. I don't mind having ads on the page, just the fact that it moves the button. Sometimes I go to click on the button, click, then the ad loads, and then I have to click again. Other times I click it before the ad loads, and other times the ad doesn't load at all. If someone is using macros they'll have already blocked the ads, meaning it only affects the few players who haven't blocked ads and do baseball. Not to mention if you were so inclined you could just choose the button, or move the page to the bottom and have it auto select a place if you weren't blocking ads, so it's not like the change helps in any way, bar annoying vanilla players. Captchas, following up reports, game limits and logging are the best way to prevent abuse without hurting normal players, not trying to make the game annoying. If someone is botting they won't even notice/care about the change. I don't really care about the baseball number of games limit, as I don't think I've ever got close to it, I login, check my nation, host a game, and if worst comes to worst and I need some cash while blockaded I might spam a few for a rebuy or aways if someone desperately needs it. Ideally what'd happen is just you change the order, so the button is above the ad, so the position doesn't change with the ad load. -- Edit: Thanks, is far better. Working fine for me now.
  10. I mean, we're happy (personally I'd prefer) to keep fighting, and you guys seem to be the same. So bar the lack of counters, which I'm sure you guys can work on, the status quo seems pretty good to me. Re peace - its pretty simple, TKR and co agree that you lost, then the higher ups of both sides will negotiate. If either side isn't happy, we keep fighting til either one side can't fight anymore, or more likely the differences are ironed out. I think we should leave peace discussions til maybe late Dec so we can have an Xmas peace, or just a truce for that day and keep fighting.
  11. I think there a kinda more pressing issues than trying to stop people playing baseball. If anything, baseball should be improved, by the game sharing part of the home teams revenue with the away team.
  12. Or even an option to view everything, including 2 person micros.
  13. Just add a tiny tax to alliance banks, but make them unlootable and increase the loot you get from a nation as well. Re blockaded nations and tax, that makes sense, but seems separate from this. I'm personally against removing alliance banks.
  14. Not sure if you've been sorted, but just ping @DiscordStaff with your nation link, as far easier to do there rather than try to guess what Discord Account is yours.
  15. I still think the best way to help the games population is to copy dispatches etc. over from NS - simple addition that will over time keep people more. Also this poll needs an option for no opinion - I was forced to pick war goals, but I think none of them are realistic options.
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