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  1. Not sure if you've been sorted, but just ping @DiscordStaff with your nation link, as far easier to do there rather than try to guess what Discord Account is yours.
  2. I still think the best way to help the games population is to copy dispatches etc. over from NS - simple addition that will over time keep people more. Also this poll needs an option for no opinion - I was forced to pick war goals, but I think none of them are realistic options.
  3. Can VIPs get a second row of achievements displayed on their nation page?
  4. So more wars + getting my approval rating from Approval Rating: 0% (-525.26) to 20% + an achievement. Count me in. That said, I'm highly doubtful this will happen.
  5. Yeah. If you've got an issue with something in the PW discord, ping us. Or if you feel uncomfortable reporting in public, we're all fine receiving DMs about mod stuff. Most of our pings are people asking about automod or getting VIP masks. If you're uncomfortable with us as moderators/rules/enforcement and don't want to bring it up with us, @Alex is always your next port of call. -- On topic: The new alliance makes 0 difference to the outcome of the war, we've won either way, we're all fighting for fun now, and hopefully will continue to do so for a while yet.
  6. We've already won this war, extra new players make 0 difference to the outcome. There would be more of a point if it was close, but it isn't now. We're just now fighting for fun rather than to decide anything, hopefully it'll last for a few more months.
  7. Guess I'm from a game where an influx will bring in multiple thousands, not merely a few hundred nations, so I don't even think of the number as particularly large. Surely more players are good, no matter from who or from where. I personally wouldn't mind a legion of enemies being spawned in, giant wars where we are outgunned are far more fun than the ones where we wipe the incompetent opposition, leaving only the few dedicated fighters to starve out.
  8. Achievement Name: True Optimist Achievement Description (how to unlock): Have at least one farm with -100% food production.
  9. Remove alliance bank looting, but put a tiny percentage tax on everything in the alliance bank so there is incentive to not always have everything in the bank. Also possibly increase the amount of loot you get from looting a nation to make up for this.
  10. I think city costs should be discounted for nations under the average cities (with some exclusion so that players that join and stop playing within a few days don't count) - so it makes it easier for newer nations to catch up to the average but keeps the whales as whales. And it should be steel and aluminium instead of iron and bauxite imo, or even some of every resource if you can make a case for munitions being used as dynamite.
  11. I think the login bonus/etc. should be a tied to global income, and/or cities under the global average (bar noobs/inactives) should be discounted, so as the average city number increases, the ease to get to that number should also increase. I don't think caps should happen. In fact some of our caps currently are dumb, e.g. recycling centres etc.
  12. Like if we could host it onsite or these forums, have the results secret and announced on whatever radio show it is, that'd be fine. My two concerns are giving IP etc. data to complete strangers on their word that'll be fine and making sure the results are legit, both of which were fine last year but not with this change to some offsite thing. And re the NPO angle, someone in #public from outside our alliance was talking about that. Prior to that I brought it up in the Discord mod channel. Idk if Roq even cares about it and Keshav we persuaded him about it being worth standing up to now rather than dealing with it next year.
  13. Should be onsite. I don't particularly care who hosts it and although winning is nice, the main thing is it should be onsite here.
  14. If you actually look at the alliance stats you'll see that it does divide them. https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/nation/59041 vs https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/alliance/3427 (you have to scroll down to his nation).
  15. Pretty much the entire aim of this is for longer wars before it reaches beige. In an alliance war where you're fighting to destroy your opponent, not for loot/to protect your infra etc. having the war stop and both sides have to sit and wait for the war to expire. The loot/infra loss doesn't really matter - beige gives your opponent a time of safety where they can build up. If it would unbalance unconventional weapons, isn't that an argument for them to be buffed like Ava was pushing for in another thread I noticed? Raids would be unchanged. Same resistance, same everything. Ordinary wars are usually when people forget to change to a different sort. Might be different for other alliances but I have very little experience with declaring ordinary wars except from before the choice was added. So I'm not sure why anyone would declare an ordinary as either you're there to loot them as they're less active (raid) or grind them and keep them down (attrition). Attrition ones are for alliance wars, where the entire point is to grind the opponent. Seems dumb to sit for a few days when you get a competent opponent when both you guys want to keep fighting one another but are forced to sit watching each other by a game mechanic that punishes your side for 'winning' a war. Given you go into an alliance war expecting 0 infra, once you're at the 0 mil state, it really doesn't make that much difference the couple more hits to your infra you'll get. I'm from an alliance which according to the wiki we haven't won a single war. I prefer fighting with a target rich environment unlike this war, and no, I'm not someone who runs to tech to get changes to buff themself. I think most of my suggestions (generally projects or stuff not posted here) don't even help me (I'm not a whale so new projects aren't that important to me specifically). With tech changes you've got to think of what's better for the OOC game longterm, not in the IC viewpoint of this war or the next one, but in the next few years etc. Just because you're in a losing war at present, doesn't mean you will be if this is implemented.
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