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  1. Justonia

    peace talks

    This thread in summary: *Surrendering without terms is apparently not an unconditional surrender *We've always been at war with Eastasia I think the original post's question has been answered.
  2. Justonia

    peace talks

    This line of conversation is completely telling of NPO's intent from the beginning. It's to completely dissolve anyone even remotely capable of challenging them, no matter the cost or time involved. There shouldn't be an alliance in this game that isn't opposed to that line of thought. Quite frankly, anyone appeasing them by standing out or being one of their pawns is allowing the game itself to die.
  3. Justonia

    peace talks

    You have zero understanding of game mechanics if you think that's true.
  4. Justonia

    peace talks

    With all this yammering, I don't hear an argument against white peace. I don't like the framing of this discussion because it seems predicated on the fact that Coalition A is losing, which is highly questionable. You call us entitled and demand unconditional surrender. This is both hypocritical and delusional. PNW isn't a game you can "win" by dismantling assemblages of people at a whim. The truth here is that Coalition A is stronger because it's to a larger extent made up of real people with real relationships and therefore has more staying power.
  5. Justonia

    peace talks

    "We have terms. The most perfect, beautiful terms you've ever seen. But you can't see them because the IRS is currently investigating them as part of a routine audit." How dare we make the argument that we're actually winning against the paper tiger?
  6. Justonia

    peace talks

    NPO is absolutely an existential threat to this game. They're like the short, wiry kid with a loud mouth that will start a fight and have their 5 friends jump you while they stand back and snivel. TKR and our allies can continue at the current pace indefinitely, while NPO's conscript army continues to rout with surrender after surrender.
  7. I have the following bug report that goes hand in hand with the previous one I posted here. The two sales noted below were made at the same exact time, and the cash receipt on the one in the box did not go through. I was near zero at the onset and also made a 300k purchase to coincide with these two transaction. I track my realizable cash after all current sale orders clear fairly closely. I am not asking for any money returned, as I feel that adds to the efficacy of the report. Thank you.
  8. He has three defensive slots filled. He can declare on whoever he wants.
  9. it's not even that hard man, you can edit page source and create a fake log in about 15 seconds
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