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  1. Im locking this thread. Alex should be around shortly
  2. @Tvtime25, I see you have updated your nation link to a valid nation account. I have restored your account so you can use the forums.
  3. This is spam, and has been moved accordingly.
  4. If your post has been hidden, I apologize, I have to hide them until i can remove inappropriate images from the post itself. Will unhide them when I get every post fixed again. 

    1. Olive Penderghast

      Olive Penderghast

      Update: Cleaned, all posts have been cleaned and unhidden thanks to @Chief Wiggum's help! ?

    2. Chief Wiggum

      Chief Wiggum

      shots fired

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      Nice to know. Also chief, keep up the good work, Springfield/P&W forums are safe with you around.

  5. Alex has made a reply with his response to this, locking thread
  6. Hey Sir Scarfalot, I have looked into it and brought my opinion over your Downfall meme to the rest of the Moderation team. I will give you a definite answer once i hear from a second moderator ?
  7. I issued two warnings in the same day for violating two different rules, so it isnt considered as double moderation. Clearly you cant fully read, i did admit that i was wrong as i was unawarw the automated suspension system took access away considering a full out ban done manually doesn't, so i was under the assumption it was the same with suspensions, so not sure why you are trying to drag that up for some extra points. I remember your post and did answer you, not my fault if you didnt bother to read it correctly. Excuse me, i never said no one else knows why that violated the rules, i stated i wasnt one of the moderators handling your report and explained what i thought was the reason they issued the warn. And for the second moderator. I dont exactly remember who it is and im not going through hundred of reports to find out considering the verbal was given a while ago.
  8. It is procedure, only Alex is the only one allowed to issue without second moderator approval. @Alex can confirm this when he comes on ? I will give that a try and let y'all know what happens.
  9. If User A makes post A, B, C, D which all broke Rule A at the same time on the same day, and when we get the reports concerning them, we will check to see when the post was made, and if that day if they already received a warning for breaking Rule A. If they have not I will go into Report A to make my suggestion to give a warn or a verbal, and then in B, C, D I will state a report for the same violation is <insert report link here> and suggest to close that report there. Now lets say one gets reported today, and then its brought to our attention that he did it again on the same day. I would suggest to close the report since action was already taken. Remember warns/verbals can only be given when two moderators agree. So what happens if two moderators disagree? They have to wait for a third moderator to break the tie. Only exception to any of this is if Alex decides to make a decision, which then he wouldnt need to wait for a second mod approval or the third one. However Alex usually follows his 2-mod for action requirement as well.
  10. oops, i should of given Alex's ingame link, here it is! https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6
  11. Alright so for now, if you or a friend needs to get in contact, you can contact @Alex on discord(Alex_PW#4970), ingame here, or you can get in contact with me via email at: [email protected] I will try to create a discord account soon and join the official Politics and War discord server when I have a chance to get on my desktop Oh, I may not have made myself clear, It only enacted the suspension when i added the 2 points. It did not enact anything else when i added a verbal afterwards, sorry for the wording.
  12. Alright so for now, if you need to get in contact, you can contact @Alex on discord(Alex_PW#4970), ingame or you can get in contact with me via email at: [email protected] I will try to create a discord account soon and join the official Politics and War discord server when I have a chance to get on my desktop
  13. After extensively checking the settings, I wasn't able to find a setting to change this, so for now if the member is muted, they will need to get in contact via different method. I am working on a way to create an alternative contact method for members who have been muted.
  14. It shouldn't, but ill look into it and see if there is a wqy to change that once i can replicate it. If not, ill find an alternative system where suspended members can get in contact eith a forum moderator, or you can go message Alex himself on Discord until i figure out an alternative system for members to ontact forum moderators who are suspended/banned I couldn't find a setting, I believe it was removed because I remember way back then there was a way to edit suspensions but can no longer see them, so unless Alex hid it or the forum provider took the option away, you are correct as far as I can tell. I am not going to replicate it as I will trust you on this and will find a way for muted Members to get in touch with the forum moderators in the future.
  15. Im currently checking the adminCP to see if i can find a way to enable PMs while suspended. Will let you know if i find anything!
  16. I dont know what else to tell you when i literally tried to replicate the automated system suspending someone via verbal and it wouldn't. I tried 7 verbals, nothing, i tried 1 warn plus a verbal, nothing. I tried 2 warn points plus a verbal and it only enacted the the 2 point suspension instead of the 3 point suspension, i gave a 4 warn system and manually took off the suspension, had the inactive account acknowledge and then issued a verbal to try to have it enact the automated suspension for a 5 warn suspension ?‍♀️
  17. You do realize Alex has the ability to ban and suspend any account without going thorough the 7 warn system, right? I already tested it out. I used an inactive account as a test subject amd was never able to replicate anything to cause the automated system to trigger a suspension or ban Just reviewed every warn, each one redirected to me to different posts, so no this is incorrect. I just checked through their warn history as well, and most of their warns were from continiously breaking the Non-Discussion Forums rule throughout multiple days. Only a few were for anything else, but every warn was for a different post throughout a month. It shouldn't, but ill look into it and see if there is a wqy to change that once i can replicate it. If not, ill find an alternative system where suspended members can get in contact eith a forum moderator, or you can go message Alex himself on Discord until i figure out an alternative system for members to ontact forum moderators who are suspended/banned
  18. Also, just tested the verbal thing. It doesn't suspend(mute) an account. I issued an inactive account 7 verbals(revoking the verbals after finishing my tests), did not suspend their access to the forums, signed into the account from AdminCP and sent a PM and was able to receive it so no, it doesn't suspend or mute you if you receive a verbal. Not sure where you got verbals can issue suspensions unless a moderator directly hits the option, which they shouldn't. We are required to follow the Warn System, so we can't click the option to suspend or ban account via verbal as the only way is to hit the milestone in the warn system is via an actual warn.
  19. Actually yes you can still PM, if it doesnt, that is either a glitch or something on your end. Suspension/bans shouldn't be removing your access to Private Messages and i will check the settings again, plus I have had a conversation with a suspended account before so i dont think any settings were changed. If i cant change it I will find a way to communicate with members offsite so people can get in contact with Moderation. I am not sure how verbals result in a warn, considering it doesn't add points. Moderstors do not touch the options to suspend or ban in the warn, and i have tested this on a test account and never experienced any issues with verbals. Not sure how, considering basic research would show they were already warned for a specific post. It doesn't require going through tons if pages, and if it has been reported before, every comment from the past shows up. All it does is re-open the report, and i instantly close those out without taking action when i notice them. If it was different posts breaking the same rules, i could see that happening due to multiple reports being sent, however a basic search, that every moderator should be doing, will tell them if they had already receiced a warning for the same rule violation(different post or not) or not - but sometimes moderators do make mistakes. I make some ever so often, and i will correct any i make, but i don't "correct mistakes" when my basic investigation shows there isnt a mistake and the member warned disagrees with the second moderator and I for the warn/verbal and to keep it from being biased, i always have another moderator or Alex(usually Alex) take a look to see if my initial conclusion is wrong when invetigating a complaint(which i havent received any complaints about moderation in my PMs lately, mostly on posts complaining about their warn.). To clarify, nobody has been warned on the same post as far as I can tell, considering a moderator can easily tell if they have been warned for that post or has already been warned that day already for breaking the same rule in the same day. I told you the basic steps taken, or the way I do it anyways, and i believe i have kept a unbiased moderation method to ensure i dont cause double moderation. If you can send me a PM proving someone on the moderation team is double moderating, i will bring it up to Alex and remove any unwarranted or dpuble moderated warn points in place. The Moderation Team does listen to the community(I do for sure as i read every post when members complain about moderation). Also, if you think moderation team is biased against GOONs, i can ensure you that we don't, as far as I can tell anyways. Until you can show me concrete ecidence via PM, i can't do anything or investigate for that matter
  20. I have never seen a moderator state this, but I dont automatically assume every report comes with a rule violation. Majority of the reports I review end up with me suggesting to close the report due to not seeing a rule violation or one so tiny I dont think a warn or verbal is warranted and I follow steps when I make my suggestions, which is a pain on mobile, but I use my phone more often than I do on my desktop when I moderate. Step one: Check the report, see if any obvious rule violations can be seen Step 2: go to the post itself and check the OP and the post in question to see if it is in topic. Step 3: I check the player's warn history. If they never broke that rule and are not a experienced player of the forums(not game. I never consider a players ingame account's age. Old players who never joined the forums cannot be expected to know all the rules when they do decide to join the forums) then a verbal unless the violation is severe(which imo is rare for me to find somethinf severe) is suggested. If they have previous warns or should already have enough experience on the forums to know the rules, then i woild would suggest a warn if necessary. Now before someone ask me "why give oit verbal warnings if they dont givr a warn?" I prefere verbal warns over starting a PM directly to inform the member because then the other moderators dont know if i had communicated with the member and may accidentally double moderate.
  21. In theory, this shouldn't happen. When us moderators go the post from the report, if the post shows an already existing warn we should automatically close the report and potentially hide the post if it continuously gets report or editing out the parts the post violated. I am starting to "edit" and click the option to show I edited it publically with a message to show transparency and hope that it shows the members that the post has already been reviewed by the moderator team. If someone got double warned, I will state once again to have them PM me as PMs are never disabled unless we ban you from adminCP(which never happens) and I'll investigate and remove any unnecessary warnings. I just answered this a minute ago, in most cases, only one warning will be issued for one post. Only time more than one points is given for one post is if it violates these rules: OoC Threats and Personal Information Revealing another player's personal information or making threats against them is grounds for an immediate ban. Death Wishes Telling another player to kill themselves or wishing that they would die or other posts of that nature are strictly prohibited and grounds for a minimum 2 warning point increase. The phrase 'kys' will only be assumed to mean "Kill Your Self" and therefore will result in the minimum 2 point warn. (joke or not) For OoC Threats and Personal information, 7 warn points will be issued at once to issue the ban. I have only seen this happen once the entire time I have been a moderator and for death threats come with a minimum 2 point warn. If the rule violation doesnt match those criteria, it only gets one warn.
  22. I also want to note that during the review process, a post in question will show above the post for moderators to indicate that post was warned for. Now let's say the person broke the same rule twice in one day, I only suggest one point(unless I deem a verbal is warranted, which will not give you a point), so in the report I'll type my suggestion on the first one and then go to the second report and link to the first one and suggest the second report to be closed to avoid double moderation
  23. Let me check your warn history, if I see double moderation I will revoke the copy warn Edit: Are you sure you were double warned? You dont have a single warn on your account Edit: RIP did not read correctly, no you shouldnt receive multiple warns for one post. If your friend has been double moderated have him send me a message. To everyone else, If this happened to you, PM me and I'll investigate it and fix the issue
  24. Your account has been suspended on these forums for: With this - this appeal is obviously not taken seriously, so this thread will also be locked
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