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  1. Oof... At least you didn't do it on purpose. Thanks for being community-friendly. Have fun.
  2. Hi Edward. You should be fine now. Let me know if that's not the case.
  3. There is no need to get this thread to 30+ pages. This is a no discussion forum and only members related to the reports should be posting here. I think that both sides have made their point. I will personally ask Alex about this issue.
  4. I said "please". Next one to derail washes the dishes (and gets a warning).
  5. Call me crazy guys, but I think this is going kinda out-of-topic. There are quite a few of other threads focusing on propaganda or TKR-NPO's lovestory. Please, respect the original subject of the topic. Love you all.
  6. Mutliple violations of the forum rules have been reported in this thread. I ask you all to avoid personal attacks (especially OOC ones) and stop posting out of topic content. The thread will remain open, but future violations will [insert abstract and menacing threat here]. Peace.
  7. I will kindly ask you all to remain on-topic. This thread is getting derailed (either by mistake or on purpose).
  8. Moved from Orbis Central to Alliance Affairs. I am kinda shocked. This is the first time I don't have to do the opposite...
  9. Typical criminal... Full of excuses. You have the right to remain silent.
  10. I wouldn't call an "alliance" with 2 nations really an alliance, so this is not an alliance announcement. Moving it away from Alliance Affairs and locking it.
  11. A reminder to all members that the Alliance Affairs forums are meant to be used by alliance leaders to make important announcements regarding their alliance (DoE, DoW, RoH, new treaty, call-out against another alliance, etc.). Keep the memes threads elsewhere.
  12. @Comrade Boris one more random topic and you will be flagged as a spammer (which is equal to getting banned from the forums). With love, Chief Wiggum
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