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  1. Please stay on topic and remain on the P&W universe. Gratitude.
  2. I am on topic, snek...
  3. Coalition A and Coalition B starting yet another thread with the exact same subject and rules violations... Also, Coalition A and Coalition B getting a warning because of the above...
  4. The thread you are referring to included logs of entire channels that were not filtered. In the discussions of these channels, some OOC information was included. To my understanding, no one went through the whole thing to filter it, which is something that should have been done/taken under consideration. Reports about the links to these logs were made, but unfortunately no forum mod was active at that time to act immediately. The "violators" have officially identified this wrongdoing and have taken down the links on their own. This may not resolve the problem, since the links may still be around, but the problem was identified by the corresponding posters before having to get a moderation warning or anything. To my understanding, no member was specifically targeted on purpose. I hope this clarifies things for you.
  5. Let's wait for Alex to respond. A reminder that this is a No Discussion Forum.
  6. I see. The rule for "moderation as a weapon" is mainly about cases where e.g. Nation A did violate a rule, Nation B noticed and instead of it making a report, it "blackmails" Nation A by stating "if you don't do XYZ for me, I will report you". Reports however, worst case scenario, will just make moderators lose some of their time. There is nothing bad about them. You can be sure that each report is being judged with a cool mind, so as long as no rules are broken, you shouldn't really worry about them, even if someone "targets" you. If the evidence is flawed, you are free to point that out at the corresponding reports.
  7. @Madokami you got no strike from that report though. What's the issue?
  8. Genius. To be 100% honest, personally it took me some time to realize the poem could have a non-innocent perspective. In any case, if you have a report to make, just do so at the corresponding subforum. @CandyShi likewise.
  9. This has already been discussed with some of your members, but I will also state it here: The forum moderation team doesn't recognize "troons" as a slur, since no valid source establishes it as such and is hardly known by pretty much anyone (apart from your own community). An alternative meaning has been given from the "other side", so without any official evidence, there is no reason to prefer one term from the other. Regarding the Game Report you use as a reference, that's not a recognition of the word you mention as a slur. Action was taken at that time due to the whole phrase "x - sucks".
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