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  1. For better or worse, you don't get matched with teams with a similar level of skills. In any case, since you are hosting, you still get money, so that's something.
  2. The thread hasn't been removed. It has been hidden till the moderation team can go through all of the responses and hide just the OOC context.
  3. Reminder this is a Non Discussions Forum. Unless you have to provide some (counter)evidence to the report, please refrain from posting here.
  4. Thanks for your report @Devil. @Alex will have a look. In the meanwhile, please also share the link to the in-game message thread.
  5. Hi Elpinchazo. Here is the post for which you got a warning: As you can see, the thread was 9 months old. The warning you got had 0 points, so it was just a "verbal" warning.
  6. Taking the bait like this... Anyway, swastikas bad. Police good. Thread locked. Have a nice day.
  7. Greetings Shifty. Your thread was hidden by me personally and is under review by the rest of the forum moderation team. If you are looking for the truth behind this action, I can name at least two reasons due to which this happened: 1. You posted a thread in Orbis Central, so according to the forum's label, "Out-of-Game discussions of the politics of planet Orbis" are supposed to be posted here. Your thread had nothing to do with politics of the game. It was just about personal drama between two individuals on Discord, that had nothing to do with P&W. 2. If you read the forum rules, you will see the following: (Moderation Staff): "Creating posts "calling out" moderators or the game staff is prohibited. Instead, if there is an issue with a warn received contact a moderator or use the proper forums to request appeal." & "Any concerns with the moderation staff should be addressed with the game administrator, Alex, via pm." Moderation staff includes both forum, Discord and other social media staff, as well as in-game staff. 3. The final reason from my side was that your thread was related to the real identity of a member of the community and concerns about doxxing them. If you really want to protect the said individual, the worst thing you can do is bring up this issue to the public. Regarding your accusations about the "weird' motives behind hiding the thread, the Discord and forum teams have no interaction with each other, mainly due to the fact that forum mods' identities are not known even to Discord moderators. I've locked this thread too, since it also breaks two of these three rules. I will leave it around so that I make sure you read the response and then will probably move it to the forum reports area or just hide it. Have a nice week.
  8. @Ozai please provide links to the corresponding nations in-game, as well as any other proof that will support your statements. Depending on your input, @Alex can tackle this issue.
  9. This thread (which is the original one I presume?) was hidden since there was too much content to go through to keep things in line with the rules of the forums. When this procedure was completed, it was brought back and your second thread (with the same topic) was removed. If you want, we can go for a merge, but this will just make things more complicated, in my opinion. The very fact you are allowed to post for another alliance is bending the rules already. You are not in MS, so I don't see why you would post in the Alliance Affairs forums for MS. Unless I am missing something. For any other concerns, you can DM me or just make a report at the forum reports section.
  10. A kind reminder to everyone to stay on topic and keep an IC approach. Keep your Discord drama on Discord. Have a nice day.
  11. Thanks for your report. Cooper has been found guilty. The only question now is whether we grill him or roast him as punishment.
  12. As this looks like a one-pokemon alliance, do you mind if the announcement is moved to Orbis Central?
  13. I think most of those problems mentioned can be avoided by using the announcements tags. If you don't want to read DoEs, then just avoid reading the threads labelled as such.
  14. War slot-filling implies that, for whatever reason, another party is declaring wars on you so that you avoid wars from another party. Since these wars are not there "for your own good", they are just regular wars.
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