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  1. Chief Wiggum

    Petition to ban Noctis from Posting

    Derailing topics is indeed against the rules, but we cannot patrol the entire forums on our own. That's why we need the help of the community. If you believe a player is breaking the forum rules, you can report the corresponding post(s) and explain what the nature of the violation is. You can be sure that we are going through all of the forum reports within 24 hours. Signing a petition publicly targeting a member of the community ("just" for probably being annoying) is not a solution.
  2. Chief Wiggum

    Why the wall is a great idea

    Anyway, sorry for derailing the topic. We just got a barrage of reports and tried to ensure the discussion wouldn't get out of control.
  3. Chief Wiggum

    Why the wall is a great idea

    Do relax, gentlemen. It's not like resolving the problem here will have any real impact in the real world, so just enjoy the debate in a civilized manner.
  4. Chief Wiggum

    Im new!

    Welcome on board and have fun!
  5. Chief Wiggum

    Greetings P&W

    Welcome to the game @Dagda. I hope you find a nice community to join and have fun!
  6. Chief Wiggum

    Intelligence Gathering bug?

    Well, looking at your wars, I can see only one 27-cities nation, so you aren't really hiding anything. Nothing strange with that. The last $100k of a nation are always protected, so when you loot all the cash you can from a nation, it is still left with $100k. I see nothing wrong with those numbers. At 27 cities, 500 infra/city and that long age of the nation (effectively increasing the actual infra close to 800/city), this nation should be able to produce around $3 million per day ($750k per 6 hours). Add to that the $300k log-in bonus and nothing too peculiar can be seen. There is no bug.
  7. Chief Wiggum

    Nation Score Chart Broken

    @Alex I confirm this issue hasn't been resolved yet. The nation score graphs are not really useful at this point.
  8. Chief Wiggum

    G'day from United Provinces

    @Like20dyslexicwizards welcome to the forums. Nice nation design.
  9. Chief Wiggum


    Greeting @Charlie_Bennett. Welcome on board. If you are talking about the not-trading-with-other-nations-at-the-same-network trading restriction, you can verify your nations here: https://politicsandwar.com/account/verification/
  10. Chief Wiggum

    Gday mates

    Welcome on board, @Gypseytails. I hope you are enjoying the game more than the irl leaders do.
  11. Chief Wiggum


    Welcome on board @carbotaniuman.
  12. Chief Wiggum

    The Christmas Spirit

    Merry Christmas! Ho-Ho-Ho!
  13. Chief Wiggum

    Going To War

  14. Chief Wiggum


    @Blockmon welcome back on board. I am happy to see you are so enthusiastic. I hope you get to join the game to its fullest.

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