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  1. The PERSON below me (I don't assume genders) probably has a nice heart, but advertises a rough outer shell.

  2. Honey Monster

    AP&W P&W name change to American politics and war

    Thank you. All should know that Moderation staff has banned his account. Should no longer be an issue. Thank you.
  3. I made a change to the gaming section of the forums - I grouped all gaming categories within one forum so there isn't a continuous scrolling that needs to be done. I have done this at the request of several members of the community. :D

    1. Sir Scarfalot

      Sir Scarfalot

      holy ***t yes, thank you thank you~

  4. Honey Monster

    AP&W P&W name change to American politics and war

    What the hell is this guy saying?
  5. Honey Monster


    @Kunal Moved this to the appropriate thread, cuz you done goofed.
  6. Honey Monster

    Unban request

    No. @Alex fix this.
  7. Poncho has been restricted from posting for a lil'bit. Hella spam bro.

  8. Honey Monster

    Forum Suspensions

    Ya boi Poncho is restricted from posting for 3 days. Return Date Sept 16st.
  9. So my computer at work decided to poop its pants and I forgot what email I used for discord, what do i do?

  10. It's a new week! That means its ask Honey Monster a question week! #askmeanything

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Freakzilla


      why dont you have a nation?

    3. Edwardidk


      Why do you smell like lavender?

    4. Honey Monster

      Honey Monster


      I do have a nation - just not one under this account. I think back in the day we were allowed to do that, but that changed.


      It's just my fabric softener, is it too much?

  11. Many people do not know this, but Negan - the Moderator, is a Virgin.

    1. Thalmor


      ur face is a virgin

  12. Cutting you off to tell y'all that y'aint nothing but lil sweet drops of honey joy!   ❤️

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    2. Natalia Poklonskaya
    3. Honey Monster

      Honey Monster

      Thank you for assuming my gender.

      I'm not hitting on you, just showing the love.

    4. Smith
  13. Honey Monster

    Forum Suspensions

    Player Name: Rollo Length of Suspension: 8 Hours
  14. Honey Monster

    Resources and money

    Can you provide a screenshot of your revenue log? Surely there has to be some type of error - maybe your alliance taxes?
  15. Honey Monster is now LIVE on Discord! 


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