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  1. I leave you all in the hands of the current moderators - wherever they may be. I'm tired and I need to take my exit. I will retire to my great home, enjoy the monster puffs, and bathe in honey. I've worked a long time in moderation here for this community and I don't like the direction it has grown and unfortunately I don't see the use in actually fighting the system and creating a fair program anymore. Follow the rules, use off-site platforms if you want to be yourself. Love you guys and thanks for letting me be here with you.
  2. Today is my last day as Moderator. Thank you all for being awesome, It becomes harder and harder to actually maintain a positive presence within community 'policing' - and tbh gets more retarded as the days go on. Good luck!

    1. Olive Penderghast

      Olive Penderghast

      Gonna miss ya, you were an excellent and fair moderator o/

    2. Aisling Duval

      Aisling Duval

      You gotta be kidding me. Why did ya' have to go?

  3. Well hello y'all, First of all - lets just take a second to correct a minor mistake that was made here - the line where it says 'abuse of downvoting' is incorrect. The correct would be trolling/harassment/posting in NDF while not providing valuable information to the report...etc. Chris is a new mod and new to this community and he's trying, but to be honest you would have received a warn anyway - likely from another moderator or myself. Now that we have that particular issue out of the way - we can move on to what you're doing now. I have just cycled through about 5 reports from you, reporting multiple people for NDF posts and the such, so let's just talk about that. NDF - Non-Discussion Forum: Is a forum/subforum where we ask that normal discussion be removed. It allows us moderators to actually see the report and see it clearly rather than sort through a multitude of posts. People who know about the subject and people that want to provide valid information about the subject reported are allowed to speak within those posts - in fact - it's encouraged. Even if you are named within the report - posting in an NDF in a manner that really doesn't provide evidence on your behalf or assists in the report itself is still...against the rules an that is honestly what you did. Additionally, we have Admins, Moderators, and Wiki Mods. Most of those are pretty much common sense in identifying who they are and what they do, but for everyone I'll outline: Admin: These guys are the big boss - game owner/game runnin boss hog. This would be Alex/sheepy/Chris (red tag) Forum Moderators/Mods: These guys oversee forum moderation (we don't even have access to mod Discord!) We are just here on the forums. I am an example of a Forum mod (blue tag) Wiki Mod: These guys do stuff on the wiki for PW - they don't have any access to forum/game moderation, but funny enough these guys usually are the moderators on discord. (green tag) What you're doing is continuing why you received a warn in the first place - and it doesn't help your case or actually better the understanding we ask of you in terms of what you did wrong to deserve the warning. Sure, you can argue that the warn reason was incorrect - but the truth is you still would have received a warn. Lastly, this thread is closed.
  4. Or you can use firefox firefox autoplays - made me honey my pants.
  5. The bi-weekly ask Honey Monster a question starts...now!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Honey Monster

      Honey Monster

      We are just fleshy blips in some meaningless stew of cosmic oblivion.

      Or is it vice re-versa?

    3. Darth Revan

      Darth Revan

      Why are you killing all of the bees? 

    4. Honey Monster

      Honey Monster

      I don't kill bees. I foster them.

  6. The PERSON below me (I don't assume genders) probably has a nice heart, but advertises a rough outer shell.

  7. I made a change to the gaming section of the forums - I grouped all gaming categories within one forum so there isn't a continuous scrolling that needs to be done. I have done this at the request of several members of the community. :D

    1. Sir Scarfalot

      Sir Scarfalot

      holy ***t yes, thank you thank you~

  8. Honey Monster


    @Kunal Moved this to the appropriate thread, cuz you done goofed.
  9. Poncho has been restricted from posting for a lil'bit. Hella spam bro.

  10. Ya boi Poncho is restricted from posting for 3 days. Return Date Sept 16st.
  11. So my computer at work decided to poop its pants and I forgot what email I used for discord, what do i do?

  12. It's a new week! That means its ask Honey Monster a question week! #askmeanything

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    2. rollo


      why dont you have a nation?

    3. Edwardidk


      Why do you smell like lavender?

    4. Honey Monster

      Honey Monster


      I do have a nation - just not one under this account. I think back in the day we were allowed to do that, but that changed.


      It's just my fabric softener, is it too much?

  13. Many people do not know this, but Negan - the Moderator, is a Virgin.

    1. Thalmor


      ur face is a virgin

  14. Cutting you off to tell y'all that y'aint nothing but lil sweet drops of honey joy!   ❤️

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    2. Tali


      He is Smith

    3. Honey Monster

      Honey Monster

      Thank you for assuming my gender.

      I'm not hitting on you, just showing the love.

    4. Smith
  15. Player Name: Rollo Length of Suspension: 8 Hours
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