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  1. Kunal


    Im not free like you Alex . If you can't respect any other Nation then unable to understand you
  2. Kunal

    Alliance Names

    Its just my sug... you can accept or not, its depend on you If I post it in wrong or any issue plz PM me The Faithful Nations The Amity League The Interstellar Domination Bond The Archetype Syndicate The Royal Confederacy The Confederation of Galactic Security The Union of the Citadel The Alliance of Radicalism The Confederacy of Liberation The Nations of Global Sanctuary The Rampart Alliance The Angelic Nations The Global Economic League The Dread Confederation The Prime Entente The Syndicate of Terror Defiance The Union of Sanctification The Union of Gold The Coalition of World Equilibrium The Bond of Independence The Little Union The Interstellar Domination League The World Peace Union The Aerospace Alliance The Central Bond The Entente of the Mythic The Bond of Aerospace The Ascendancy of Magistracy The Union of the Righteous The Nations of Peacekeeping The Mystic Bond The Mythic Coalition The Bulwark Confederation The Peacekeeper Federation The Wildlife Preservation Entente The Pact of the Cosmos The Treaty of Nature The Nations of Protection The Syndicate of Interstellar Administration The Coalition of Guardians The Empire Concord The Global Integrity Pact The Global Watch Coalition The Prophecy League The Highborn Alliance The Treaty of the Axis The Federation of World Equilibrium The Alliance of Retribution The Nations of Preservation The Bond of Self-Defense The Sacred World Entente The Cosmos League The Confederation Conglomerate The Counter Terror Pact The Environment Defense Conglomerate The Union of Sentinels The Syndicate of Unity The Union of Self-Defense The Alliance of the Fundamentals The Entente of Global Intelligence The confederacy of Sentinels The Nature Entente The United Syndicate The Sanguine Entente The Blessed League The Integration Concord The Ascendancy of Wildlife Shelters The Confederation of Global Authority The Confederation of Terror Supervision The Alliance of World Authority The Treaty of Retribution The Axis Confederacy The Global Inquisition League The Global Jurisdiction Conglomerate The Sanctuary Accord The Guardianship Nations The League of Peacekeeping The Conglomerate of International Security The Syndicate of Environmental Defense The Entente of Supremacy The Syndicate of Global Integrity The Cosmic Concord The Arcane Entente The Guardianship League The Global Authority Conglomerate The Interstellar Domination Pact The Federation of Independence The Treaty of the Citadel The League of Champions The League of Supremacy The Nations of World Sustenance A Martyr's Death A House Divided Alchemic Elixir Alchemy Assault Alpha Helix Amoeba An Ancient Score Anatomy of Death Annihilation Apex Apoc Apocalypse Arbiter Archer Armageddon Armifera Fatum (bearer of fate) Armored Army As One Assassins Alliance Axis Bandits Bastards of Oldearth Bastards of Men Battle Cry Battlefield Carrion Battlefield Brawlers Beg For Mercy Berserk Berserkers Bitten Bone Bits Bitter End Bizarro Black Magic Black Death Black Plague Blades of Rage Blood Scribe Blood and Bones Blood Circle Blood Rich Blood Loss Blood Oath Blood of the Soil Blood Bath Bloodletting Bloodline Blood Lust Blood-price of Terra Bone Sewn Bounty Hunters Butchers By the Sword Cannibalize the Merciful Cannibals Carrion Cata Tonic Chemical Death Children of Gaia Cloak of Twilight Cocoon Common Grave Contract Killers Crescent Blow Crossfire Cult Sans Canon Cutlass Killers Deaf Executioners Death Dealers Death Bloom Death Machine Death by Dogma Death by Boomstick Death Eaters Death Dose Defaced by Mace Demolition Demons Diplomacy of the Sword Divided We Fall Donner Party Doom Hammer Dust to Dust Dynasty Earthly Arbiters Eat What You Kill Echoes of the Lost Age Elemental Elixir Embers Rising Embers to Ashes Embers of the Innocent Encircling Inferno Ent Epicenter Ether Ethereal Entities Even the Score Executor Eye for an Eye Fallow Fields False Flags Farmer Feast or Famine Feast of Maggots Flesh Wound Follow the Fallen Forsake the Fallen Fungal Expansion Fungi Gaia Genetic Necromancy Genocidal Tendencies Genocide Gift of Prometheus Gods of War Greek Fire Guardians of Terra Gunslingers Hangmen Harvest Harvester Headhunters Heart Vs Feather Heir of Thrones Hellfire Helix Hippocrates Bane Hippocratic Heresy Hitmen Hive Hive Mind Hominid Hegemony Hoplite Human Shield Immortals Inferno Insect Autopsy Instinct Iron Edge Jackals Jugular Jugglers Keepers of Hell Killing Code Killing Fields Knaves Kung Fu Phooey Leathernecks Legendary Letters of Marque Leviathan Life Debt Line of Sight Lineage Liquid Lifeforce Live to Kill Locusts Lost Legion Machine Mad Scientists Maggot Feast Maggot Meals Maggot Militia Magi Magister Mortalis (masters of death) Manifestus Fatum (to manifest fate) Maori Maori Tribes Marauding Maces Marked For Death Martial Warlock(s) Martial Masters Martial Law Means to End Mechanistic Mutation Medieval Methods Mercator Mortalis (merchants of death) Mercenary Guild Mercy Mauling Metamorphosis Minefields Minds of Murderers Mortal Selection Mortiferus Punctim (death by stabbing) Mountain Men Murder For Hire Mutable Artisans Mutable Monsters Mutalist Myst Mystic Ne Agito Oppeto (death is unavoidable) Ninja Nova Oblivion Omega Order of Acolytes Osiris’ Scale Our Fathers War Pantheon Parabolic Projectiles Paradox Parthian Tactics Pervigeo Neco (perpetual death) Pest Phalanx Phi Philistines Philosopher Kings Pillage the Village Pissed Peons Plague Plunder and Pillage Poseidon’s Whim Powerful Peons Pray to the Pantheon Predation Pride of the Fallen Primeval Ra Power Radioactive Ragtag Rush Raven Rebels Regicidal Tendencies Regicide Relentless Rouges Retain Terrain Ringing Blades Ripper Rising Tides Route of Rouges Sacrament Salt of the Fields Scythe Scythe Wielders Selection Pressure Seven Scimitars Seventh Circle Severed Remains Shape shifters Siege of Ages Singularity Sins of Man Sins of Salem Sixth Sense Skin Tailors Skin Peels Slay and Flay Slayed and Flayed Slice and Dice Song of the Blade Sons of Salem Sons of Ra Souls of Salem Specicidal Tendencies Stabwound Stewards of Gaia Stratagems of Sedition Sudden Death Sundown Rising Supanova Survival Strategy Sutures for the Future Swordplay Symmetric Chaos Synergy Systems of Survival Tactical Telepathy Talisman Tears of Gaia Terra Terra Divided Terran Titans Terran Suicide The Art of War The Ancients Titans Tools of Death Trident Twoearth Undead Unite the Clans Valhalla Vanguard Vanguardians Vector Vendetta to Victory Vicars of Violence Victrix Mortalis (conquerors of death) Viking Vivisection Viking(s) Vindicated Villains Viral Vitality Vlad's Children Void Vultures Vying for Terra War Crimes Warhead Widowmakers Wolverines Written in Blood Zen Zeno
  3. Kunal


    Sorry Alex , I make two accounts Imean two nations UNK (united nation of kinland & USSR W ). Now I want to join P&W back give me last hope and I deserve it plz un ban my email so I play P&W without cheating or creating mulit nations. I promise that I never create multi accounts. But I strongly say that the nation who's name was told by you not belongs to me. Plz unban give me last change Plz Unban my Email so I make new nation for playing.

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