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  1. Here we are with the 3rd Edition! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wrm_K3myLrEBkl-_DwOswEPKj-c2ZjVp/view?usp=sharing Joint our server, a better platform for quick access to recent Orbis events. Thanks everyone for your support and motivation and most importantly the suggestions. And ofcourse the donations Join our discord : https://discord.gg/rgKCYpn
  2. Royal Orbis News is growing as usual and we are thankful for everyone's support. We have been trying to improve our newspaper editions as much as possible Here are the links for the first 2 editions (Only 1st Edition was posted on forums , so u can get the second one here as well) . http://bit.do/Royal-Orbis-News-Ed-1 http://bit.do/Royal-Orbis-News-Ed-2 Don't Forget to join our Discord Server for quick Breaking News and other events like Chess tournament Chess Tournament 1 Was successfully completed and here are the positions 1) ReubenKC - Won 4 Million 2) Darzy - Won 2 Million
  3. Royal Orbis News declared their arrival on 17th August 2018, a non profit Newspaper team working to make the game more fascinating by keeping the players updated with the latest news and entertainment. We are happy to announce that our first edition is being published, Our team has tried to put their best efforts for making the first edition, a pleasurable experience for us. Thank you for your Faith and Support. First edition : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wCAL7_THZZY0oHFxTal3IkwiwbB1iD3QgZgVpfS7tO4/edit?usp=sharing Discord Link: https://discord.gg/MQGcTKY For Ads : conta
  4. Hello Everyone! Hope you all are having a good time We officially announce the opening of "Royal Orbis News" ! We are keen to provide you with the best possible entertainment activities along with the news related to Politics and War. Royal Orbis News has came to cater the need of checking news on multiple platforms , we would be providing you with the recent news related to in game alliance affairs and market. We are a non profit group but due to the immense dedication and time invested by our staff team, we are bound to monetize it through advertisements and other cool stuff (De
  5. By Inactive i meant Discord inactive and feeling reluctant to reply to your messages in game / discord. By Suggestions i meant to those newly made nations who applies , they surely need a lot of care and suggestions to make things in favour of their nation I think you know the kind of suggestions given to newly joined people so i dont think its needed to be explained here.
  6. Firstly, we were protected by Frostbite at first which dissolved in Ordo Paradoxia so the protector was converted . Secondly would you accept a member inactive and not welcoming any suggestions by leaders? You might . We dont Ty for the welcome
  7. Hello everyone , hope you are doing good :) I'm delighted to announce to you on behalf of Prof.Severus Snape that the alliance "Slytherin" is born.We are, which is the coolest and edgiest house in the Hogwarts. We play to win, because we care about the honour and traditions of Slytherin. We also get respect from our fellow alliances. Yes, some of that respect might be tinged with fear, because of our dark reputation but you know what? It can be fun, having a reputation for walking on the wild side. Check out a few hints that you've got access to, a whole alliance of curses, use them and s
  8. Have you been feeling bored lately because of the peaceful borders? Do you want to do something that's better than Nothing? Are you worried that you will someday die of boredom? Worry No more... Four Horsemen brings you THE BORESHOW GAMESHOW! Ticket only for 200K Come on , Try your luck! Details of gameshow rounds can be found on this discord : https://discord.gg/UGjP62u We are waiting for you.. Regards, Owner of Four Horsemen Entertainment, Aliyan
  9. Hope you enjoyed Do join our discord!
  10. Hello Everyone! We had recently our first show of Politalk in Four Horsemen Entertainment. This is the summary of the Interview with Bluebeer (Arrgh leader). Many people were not able to see PDF And WORD documents so Here is the google Doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gq2zc8gaIf9aoJz8G99_U-nfoUSByIFpf3I3HTv6chM/edit?usp=sharing Join us here : https://discord.gg/UGjP62u Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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