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  1. In the circumstances, I've peaced out with the AO nation. Said AO nation has already been beiged by the other two KT nations. I stand no fighting chance against a nation that's active with my zero military, plus constant hammering by two other nations. In my nation's best interests, I've decided to peace out with the AO nation.
  2. I admit I was looking to be a freeloader profiting off kt war on AO. I was hoping I could ride freely when AO is zeroed. Edit: all active nations can always fortify to avoid beige. Regardless of how much military I have.
  3. It wouldn't matter if said kt nations manage to get his military to zero. I'd anticipated that they're able to zero his military which they eventually did zero his ships. Now my one ship raiding strategy works out. Taken a bit longer than usual but I've 5 days to beige him anyway so why does it matter?
  4. I understand that this is a non-discussion forum, but I should be allowed to reply to accusations made towards me. I entered the wars knowing that there's two Knight Templar nations already on them. Feeling confident that the two said kt nations will take their militaries out in no time at all, I declared war with the traditional raiding mindset to profit from loot. Unfortunately things didn't turn out as well as the two kt nations were less competent at taking out AO military than I thought. I'd love to have continued my one ship raiding but things didn't work out in the circumstances. If thalmor or other kt leaders could kindly ask their two nations to take out AO military, I stand able and willing to continue with my raiding.
  5. Tulip is just an old balding man with a huge belly, what's he even doing on that list?
  6. Join the Pantheon of Kings (it is not an alliance, more like a business for orbis-related services) today. 

    The Pantheon of Kings is not an alliance. The aim of the PoK is to become the eBay of Orbis. 

    Artists/Coders/Programmers/Lottery buyers are particularly welcomed

    Our discord can be found at https://discord.gg/avNrwmY

  7. Arrgh! It's all about you and less about us.
  8. Only Yayness for this bloc!
  9. #1 Pantheon, alliance that's not fulfilling its potential due to current poor leadership. #2 TKR on NPO. Two big boys have to sort it out amongst themselves somehow somewhat. #3 Guardian. OP top tiered alliance needs to lose its superiority.
  10. Inputs reminder to self to post public declaration of war the next time I go on a raid.
  11. Not many people are as disillusioned as you are in this game either. Recovering my sanity from what you perceive to be logical and justifiable was a long and arduous process.
  12. Pretty sure you're most improved heh
  13. Main Wife: TunisiansAdditional 3 Wives: Georgians, The Altays, The BashkirsYour Gender: MaleReasons (optional): First Impression decision.
  14. I think someone will be displeased. @aliyan
  15. What Lostmike didn't mention was that the leader of GPC kicked the robber who stole the 15m. However, Animal Empire decided that someone has to pay the bill somehow and forced the leader of GPC to pay for it with threats of perma-raids on GPC.
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