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  1. Yeah I like to be on the loosing side there is much more excitement in wars and being creative in applying new/old strategies to win or at least inflict dmg to other side. Ofc if they are not prolonged as it was during NPO's Last Time. When my side is wining I mostly stop fighting as there is no excitement to beat knocked out opponent.
  2. Let's switch to windmilds to save little lovely cats 🥰
  3. They are not serving any food unless you count toothpaste tubes of applesauce and beef as ones worth fighting. But then I will call you a fool. They are more likely to make a raid on Mcdonalds or KFC rather than eat it.
  4. We are smoking a lot of good stuff at Hollywood. Unlike you have to whoring yourself to others - first to Oasis and now to Ts, and next stop should be Johnsons and revange on Oblivion *wink* *wink*
  5. Maia


    War flag? So it means there is dow incoming by HS, Right? Right?!
  6. Can you do a private apology to yourself next time? Thaaaanks?
  7. Don't be sorry, be better.
  8. Do we really need series of apologies here? I mean just try to be better, prove it by just being a good person in your daily interactions with others. Another way is to reroll with new name. But problem is no matter how hard you try you won't be able to hide your true yourself. If you act like an ass then no one will like you, simple as that. GOONS could be a interesting villain but you chose your own way to be just bunch of weird kids trying to destroy people's lifes. And don't expect to use apology card as something which wipe our memory and make you clean. If you want to play just play and prove us we have been wrong about you.
  9. You also have an opinion, and you just complain and meme about others opinion...
  10. Hello fellow Knights. From Oblivion with love. Cats will dominate PnW one day!
  11. This thread is like two sides fighting in the court. First court case was Firewolf, then Delous with changed name and now you. Ok I can say this one ended up pretty well.
  12. Yep, seems no one rembember then NPO "officialy disbanded INQ" and they were allied with T$, Yep! the Syndicate. If it wasn't act of good will then idk what was that. But NPO&Allies always had that kind of siege mentality. After BK was hit, NPO decided they will just help them despite not having any treaty with them and they didn't really discuss it with their current allies neither.(tS) So they somehow chose their path being called liars about INQ disband. NPO bad PR was a victim of their bad choices so I wouldn't blame community. There were times TKR, Ts and other well established alliance were being aimed with a lot of criticism because of actions they made, that's a common thing.
  13. At least you will be able to see current condition of the game, for what we were fighting for and why it is good NPO is no more. There is no place for toxic behaviour. NPO should never return in any form again(even if you get gov of saints). War was called NPO's last time and NPO should remain dead as an example of bad behaviour. I like vilains because game is overall more interesting to play but not maniacs trying to destroy whole game by any means(cheating) and even targeting people irl. I swear I will target anyone who will try to resurrect that thing again.
  14. It contains my personal view about alliances, I can be not 100% accurate with all of this so you can comment on that if you see some obvious mistake I typed. Iconics ones: TS for still making really good GDP compared to others for a long time. Basically their theme really fits reality. Grumpy for gathering really fat old people together who are still willing to kicking ass and are competent unlike some other alliances containing only whales who just go inactive due to boredom. Arrgh for being raiding alliance for ages. No matter what changes to the meta happened they still are the thing and are able to stay in top 50. They are worse to beat than cockroaches, they can survive everything! Yarr - stable offshore for some alliances. Due to many problems with foreign bank-alliances ending up as scams. This one proven so far and has become superior to others for quite a time. Booty saver for raiders. It's literally PnW version of Swiss Bank in real life. Classic ones: Guardians - never seen them underperform during war time which is amazing for such a time. TKR - creating blocs and doing several fa moves which had impact on the game(no matter if you seen them as good or bad ones). Good fighters, overall doing very well to be recognisable by everyone - ads, forum, discord etc. Staying always in top ten in game. Rose - well, they were beaten in last global war but still it amazes me that they've kept 1st position in rankings. They have Vexz which is very known player in PnW. But even before she came there they were still a thing. It seems funny phrase "roll rose" it's still up to date but they managed to become immortal at this point. Better ones:(on the way to become classic ones some day) Immortals and TFP for being in top ten, creating their own sphere, being overall good fighters, and have fine organisation within their alliances, same with politics. ---I know TFP is a an old alliance but never seen them as being relevant as they are today. Error404 - good performance last war. Borg is still part of them, right? Just making it even greater seeing theme fits their skills. Good ones: KT - being like a zombie no matter what, seeking for brains, you can beat them but they always come back. Not a classic raiding alliance I would say imo. They are half standard, half raiding alliance. If they keep like that maybe they become iconic. But they were like other alliances before so it wasn't idea from the start so it needs time before their current playstyle will become iconic. Thalmor radio is a + too. Aurora - I am biased here but what I would say is being pretty recognisable - being part of new blocs, artworks, ads etc. Decent fighters in the last war. BK- good to see a good one bk again with old gov - they are funny again(which was their strenght) and are good fighters. Camelot - creating new bloc, overall ok, their leader is recognisable in PnW which is a good thing. His radio thing is a + too. He is also guest for other radios. Colt - overall good but they had major reputation issue. The Commonwealth - despite with loosing their bloc I think they are overall ok. Can't say more but at least I recognise them and they were always in top ten or close to it. The Order - good performance during last global war. They have very experianced ex-pirate as their leader so it is a good thing. Close to top ten and are recognisable which is a good thing. Carthago - because they are top ten and have recognisable player Krampus who has RON. Not that great: one of the reason listed above in the picture. - simply there is still room for improvement to be good one. Being dumb tier etc: Alpha - just nuking, no matter what strategy should be implemented, only nuking is a correct one. Aaaand currently very inactive, even in game. WTF/Farkistan - a bit biased due to war where they just jumped at Grumpy and just nuking them and stealing slots when no one asked them for that.(I was in CoS trying to grab them down). Farkistan struggles in finding a stable bloc.(previous ones were also pretty inactive fa wise) Soldiers of Liberty - despite being called the most intelligent alliance in The Jonhsons bloc. Leaving Oasis bloc they were reduced to smaller bloc with unexperianced alliances. They agreed to make Dave III as their representative bloc wise which we all know how it ended up. They could lead the bloc but they chose to be just a follower. They had a lot of experiance from Oasis bloc which they could use in their own bloc but it seems they did not. TLE - how they discused in their bloc channel(leaks), making whole bloc disband. This is amazing achievement. Leaks are inevitable but what is even worse in this particular example no one wanted to stay with them(oh, even fight alongside with them!) They are only with Federation rn, it makes their future even more darker. Sorry for mistakes etc. Hope it was somehow interesting to read.
  15. Why not just say my own preference? Nothing bad about it.
  16. You are wrong, Oblivion is the best example of peaceful alliance.
  17. Oblivion was my favourite enemy. They were fighting very well. Ockey was TOP. Oh and I heard that Hidude is for sale.
  18. Instead of NTR I would like to have an ownership of nation/leader. That would be a cool idea and it could work if make alliances or even blocs respect that aspect. But I know how slavery is very sensitive matter and it could be took too seriously with ooc, so it's probably not that good idea at all. Hmm we could have our own version of American Civil War out of it.
  19. Weeb is warning of other Weeb. Noooo WE SHOULD BEWARE OF ALL WEEBS, PERIOD!
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