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  1. After this war the "winning" coalition should bring back the PNW UN/League of Nations, so we can do future wars like civilized 21st century blowhards.
  2. It's an odd question (from the OPs perspective) because "trustworthy" is meant in the context of getting a loan from. Usually, banks have to deem the loanee trustworthy because the bank wants to be sure that they will be getting paid back and turning a profit. From the loanee's point of view, you should want to take a loan from the most unstable bank there is because there is a good chance they will soon collapse and then *not* have to pay the bank back. Assuming that they don't have an organized bankruptcy and the owners delete the bank because it's a ponzi scheme/unsustainable. When investing, however, you should look for trustworthiness and stability and it's probably best to invest in two-four trustworthy banks to diversify away company specific risks. But there's always a lack of liquidity in these investments, especially now with the global war and a lack of traders. While people gave Trolly a lot of crap, he was good for liquidity in all of the banks.
  3. Stop or you will sleep with the fishes.
  4. Thank God that Orbis' Police are here to stabilize the region. Also, what rare earth metal or fossil fuel lies underneath Pantheon?
  5. Now the longhorns are gone, And the drovers are gone, The Comanches are gone, And the outlaws are gone, Geronimo is gone, And Sam Bass is gone, And the lion is gone, And the red wolf is gone. Well he cursed all the roads and the oil men, And he cursed the automobile, Said this is no place for an hombre like I am, In this new world of asphalt and steel. This is how the West dies and why modernity ruins everything.
  6. I just realized that Syndicate was based in Nassau, Bahamas. Might want to rethink your corporate structure in light of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
  7. For Bo saith, "Ye shall be as dogs in the midst of cats." But Stu answered and said unto Him, "What then, if the cats should tear the dogs?" Bo said unto Stu, "Let not the dogs fear the cats after they are dead; and ye also, fear ye not them that kill you and are not able to do anything to you; but fear Uncle that after ye are dead hath power over soul and body, to cast them into the Gehenna." The word of Uncle. Praise be upon him.
  8. Can we afford those wacky mallows yet? Pretty please?
  9. This should be a lesson for all those who *claim* to know what they are talking or for those who don't embrace criticism of their bank. If someone is asking tough questions that can't be answered you should likely think twice.
  10. We might as well go down with the ship.
  11. meta brah, really meta.
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