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  1. I’m seeing this just now. But topkek
  2. Apparently I’m some kind of space crusader. I’m okay with this.
  3. I completely forgot I made this thread XD. But the arrival of the Thargoids has definitely been interesting, I just yeeted my way out of there and avoided the conflict altogether. You need some really high-end shit in order to even try to compete with them. While I have the money to invest in a good anti-thargoid build, (which can number in the hundreds of millions of credits) the time investment would be way too much for me. As I've not the resources to engineer a good combat vessel. I'd rather keep trading or go into the deep black of space.
  4. Is there anyone in PnW that plays Elite? If so, tell us about your career as a Commander in 3304! Have you gained Elite status? What do you think of the Beyond expasion??? etc. I'm currently some what of a freelance explorer, I've got a lot of travel under my belt and am almost done with the build of my engineered Anaconda. I'd insert a screencap of my travels but the files are far too large to stick in this post apparently.
  5. I'm a little late to the circle-jerk pardon me, but what "others" could you have called in?
  6. Update After the turn passed my revenue kicked back up, and I saw that I was still losing money, so I still destroyed about 1,500 tanks take make a surplus. My issue is fixed. I think what happened is that after I had suffered a Missile attack, enough of my citizens died to turn my surplus in a deficit. I am extremely thankful to Lail Das. I will pay you back your money and more to show my Appreciation.
  7. How would I be making a surplus and then suddenly I'm not?
  8. That's the thing, I was making more than I was spending by a good margin, yesterday morning I was fine, however at around 3pm when I logged back in, my revenue dropped by 75% for no reason I can decipher. Thank you, I'll update when the next turn happens.
  9. If it did not occur to you guys, power plants need money to run too, thing is, since my revenue dropped, I do not have that money.
  10. I have more than enough, my revenue has dropped with no rhyme or reason, I simply do not have the money to run my cities.
  11. "You do not have enough money to pay for power plant and improvement upkeep, so your city is unpowered. Last turn you did not have enough money to pay off your deficit, on the next turn you have enough money to cover your deficit (or are earning a surplus) power will be restored." That is the message I get when I check my cities
  12. I have over 800 tons of uranium I have over 800 tons, please read the post, I stated I have the resources, and my revenue dropped out of nowhere.
  13. Hey, so at around 3pm EST yesterday I checked on my nation, only to see that my GDP dropped tremendously out of nowhere by 75%, I had a gross income of just barely 3.8 million now it's dropped to just over 1 million. Now im losing 225,000 a turn. This is some major bug because I have plenty of resources and I did nothing that would cause my revenue to drop so spectacularly, can someone please help?
  14. > getting rolled 3x over because the rest of the player base got tired of your shenanigans.> "fun."
  15. There's a big difference between having balls and needlessly raiding in order to stay relevant.
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