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  1. This thread has been one interesting one to read this morning. First off thanks to all the positive feedback and good criticisms we got it's always good to receive that. Second I find it hilarious that both VT and GATO are being told to disband because of the fact we decided to announce our treaty on the forum. This community hasn't changed much in the past 4 years I've been here so I'm not going to go into some righteous speech on how it needs to change. Thanks to all who have chosen to take part in the discussion.
  2. Interesting that a day later that the downvote gets reintroduced.
  3. February 22nd… Rumours about strange fissures of an unknown source spotted in major cities and landmarks across the world have reached me. Apparently, individuals that have gone near the fissures report a strange familial feeling but nothing else of interest. Some people noted to have been affected are Luviel, HorusLoyalist and Gabe. February 25th… People who previously reported a feeling near the fissures have started to report visions and dreams of another existence. These people have relayed to me that it is called the “Origin System”. In their drea
  4. If I were to write this myself but influnce on me as a leader. 1.OG Roz Wei and Bad Company 3.Successor AAs to Bad Company and Roz Wei 5.VT 6.Everyone Else
  5. If the growing up needed hasn't been done in the last 4 years, I don't think it will if given another 4.
  6. Merge FR, Ally Carthago, Blitz Cornerstone Bad Company, Roz Wei, Vox Populi
  7. More creative DoE then most micro DoE's I've seen been posted. Good luck to you guys
  8. I read the whole thing and understood what you meant, but you maybe could've made it more clearer in your initial post since some people tend to skim over changelogs.
  9. Also do not discount future AAs that will come into existence, so may find another place to belong in the future if not right away.
  10. Must be a good manager of Security if my name is not mentioned at all.
  11. Good to see them moving up in the world. Congrats on becoming the Co-Leader of Emp Penguin. May you and James lead the alliance to Glory!!!
  12. Meanwhile at ports across Orbis. Embargo Time!!!
  13. I'm just going to say this, admitting this is a band aid fix sends alot of warning signs to me. Even if somehow it does the rest you somehow foresee it helping solve other problems you claim it will solve. I am not convinced this is what the game needs. Like the idea proposed but how would you suggest for people with the ITC project? Just out of curiosity and seems more interesting to work with.
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