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  1. trash equality is a lie. Some waifus are worse than others. Maybe you just haven't watched the good anime yet... to make a difference between common every day trash, and the stinky, sticky kind that gets stucked into your shoe and you can't get rid of it no matter what you try to do. "Return to the garbage chambers when you'll watch at least 1000 series so you know your trash by a mere single sniff of it."🧐 ~The Garbage Connoisseurs
  2. Evangelion - Asuka I'm always puzzled why so many ppl consider Asuka a waifu material. Seriously you need to trash her, unless you like to be screamed at by nazi emo with both superiority and inferiority complexes.
  3. The Magician Under the Moonlight (Kuroba Kaito) from Magic Kaito (guest appearances in Detective Conan) That's mai husbando and as for Waifu... Arima Ahiru (from Princess Tutu)
  4. Please elaborate on the "fantasy" part.
  5. Speaking of boxes ... The second part of this crossover CAUTION: Spoilers from episode 09 of season 1 of Westworld. Starring: Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay as NPO Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton as BK Safe as FUNBOX
  6. lol idk if it's working or it was just randomly , but sell price skyrocketed over 1100/unit
  7. Since I'm interested to see how it goes (& I don't have urgent need to sell this oil) I'll join
  8. Wow, it's so cute! You've just made me spend my 1 SheepyCredit And I agree 10% of host earnings would be really nice and it wouldn't break the balance. And yeah if team playing away wins continuously they get kinda fair pay, but only if they win... what about losers , why this system promotes leeching so much?
  9. Well not sure what's easier to implement, but stat +0.01 for every player would equal +0.27 so about one mini-training session = 2000 $ Not really a great cash for big fish (but they have better chance for winning standard way anyway) , but 2k could be pretty nice for baseball beginners (who just continue to lose and getting nothing now)... still not sure what's easier to write in code (some kind of % from the winner award or just stable, unchanging bonus?) but it's kinda discouraging when you have 14away games waiting (+6ppl host once again during you clearing the queue) and you get 0-not much$ from all this clicking.
  10. Everyone playing in OBL notice one thing: There are a lot of people hosting games, but there aren't so many playing away games. Why is it like this? Simple: If you host a game you're always winning some $$, whether you win or lose. However playing away games is 'risky' - you can (and as noob you will) lose game and get nothing for all your work with captchas. I noticed there are currently only like 10 teams playing away games regularly: Athretvari Jellyfish Brith Bashers Daemons Hell Daemons Felandia Athletics Imperium Panzers Marinas Island Apostrophes Numars Blues Pleiades Shooting Stars Xelradia Strikers Yoitz Wolves others play really rarely or not at all - they host games all the time instead... but who can blame them? Hosting is more profit What we need - for more players to actually play AWAY games is some incentive. What I propose is a bonus of 0.01(or more) to every stat (Pitching/Batting , Speed , Awareness )of every player for every AWAY game played. but since many of forementioned teams are MAXed (overall rating of 100.00) I additionaly suggest +500$ bonus for every stat that is maxed (up to 1500$ bonus for 1 maxed player & up to 13500$ bonus for maxed team per every away game they play) . I believe that these changes would balance the numbers of host/away players and would promote playing in Orbis Baseball League overall. Role playing reasons: Think of it as growing faster through the battle with enemy teams in unknown enviroment(stadium) so players adapt faster And for maxed players: Since they are maxed and famous , it's additional payment for advertisements in TV etc. tl;dr Play away game -> +0.01(or more) to all stats of all players in your team Your player has maxed stats --> +500$bonus for every 100.00 out there. Please~
  11. Nation Name:Yoitz Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=30053 I hope I will stay for a while
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