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  1. Can confirm, was fun to have people accept peace with someone ready to immediately take the slot 😎 @lancelot1
  2. GGWP Rose + friends Doesn't make it any less so - just a bit embarrassing for the other coalition that their advantage couldn't allow them to prevail.
  3. The global war understander logged on, FA leaders should learn from his wisdom
  4. Interesting newsflash! It gave me flashbacks of the time this happened 🙂
  5. I see Cooper activated our secret treaty with Arrgh. Very nice!
  6. I'm not so sure its so much that spies kill too many spies; the more specific issue might be that spies take too long to rebuild (4 per day with projects is a help).
  7. Presuming TFP behaves like a normal alliance, as a normal member, you would not see or know anything about these sheets until very shortly before you declared war. Alliances don't just tell their general membership 'oh, we are creating sheets to declare war on XYZ next Tuesday' Not too interested in relitigating the previous conflict given the facts that have come out more or less confirm what Quack believed; but that's just an observation that might be relevant.
  8. Oh yes; we know all about that. It's a good thing Phoenyx is not here, or we would never hear the end about secret treaties and secret leaders 😂
  9. You sell VIP? Is that a legal operation? I would take exchanging VIP for in-game money or resources (or however you work it) to be in contravention to this rule. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Sir this a Wendys not a dictionary
  11. Best wishes to your relative and take care 😔
  12. Alliance of the Year: The SyndicateMost Powerful Alliance: The ImmortalsMost Improved Alliance: Black Knights Best Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): The ImperiumMost Missed Alliance: New Pacific OrderBest Alliance for New Players: The ImmortalsMost Honorable Alliance: The Knights RadiantMost Immoral Alliance: ArrghMost Controversial Alliance: ArrghBiggest Warmongers: Knights TemplarBiggest Pixel-Huggers: The CommonwealthWorst Fighting Alliance: The Fighting PacifistsBest Alliance Growth: The ImmortalsBiggest Alliance Decline: Guinea Pig Whaling CorporationMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: The ImperiumMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021: RoseBest Bloc (can be a bloc that disbanded this year): NexusBest Foreign Affairs Move: TCW joining SwampWorst Foreign Affairs Move: Rose bandwagoningAlliance with Best In-Character Posts: The SyndicateAlliance with Best Propaganda: Seven Kingdoms
  13. Some jokes aren't ok though. Especially not those related to those who committed atrocities (including the USSR fwiw). That's just in bad taste.
  14. No. Its because you are a totally irrelevant person. Have you any idea what you are asking? You're asking for the leader of a major alliance to leak confidential talks that he had with another alliance leader. Should he leak this, this therefore means that other alliance leaders will be less inclined to speak to him, because they have no guarantee that what they say will not end up on the forums. No serious alliance leader would ever consider revealing these things to a general member not even in his own alliance (except a certain ex-leader of TCW ). These backroom conversations are none of your business. No doubt it would be interesting to know all these things, and no doubt it would be beneficial to Quack's cause, as further evidence of what we already know. But just because you want it, doesn't mean you will get it, because ultimately, its none of your business. Your job is to fight wars for your alliance (which you have failed to do, I do hope you're on the No Pixel Order list) -- not to engage in pointless "investigation", weeks after the war comes to an end. What do you hope to achieve? For the anti-quack coalition to say "oh, sorry, yes, we were going to attack Quack"? That's water under the bridge -- come the end of the NAP in April, there will be new tensions, and new conflicts as the cycle goes on and on. We may even find ourselves fighting alongside the same people we were bitterly arguing with just a few months prior. Seeking proof involves the ability to admit you are wrong.
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