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  1. Well, Doc, some people like it and find it helpful, though some as well dislike it as they consider it a disgrace to their personal space
  2. I nominate Les Grenadiers, Supermarket for Economics, New Cruor Federation for peace, Borg for tech, and myself for Journalism. Les Grenadiers has fallen, but Supermarket is the first of its's kind. NCF is an amazing peace negotiator for COTL, Locutus has proved its worth time and time again, and I am a prolific journalist.
  3. How one ant reacts to being split Better it seems than the giants among it No, it may not be dead, it is still alive Helpless as it counts the days to its death Life is a lie And it can be lost in one giant breath. ] Les Grenadiers has split into Hamilton Bank and Napoleon's Army. https://discord.gg/WDREEbpx YOU SENT AN INVITE TO JOIN A SERVER Hamilton Bank announcements Joined [1:22 PM] https://discord.gg/X4MeYU5v
  4. Du du du du Du du dud du Hey Hey Hey GOodbye
  5. Hello everybody! I am here telling you that PIT is up and running! They have 3 competitions, one for best reporter, one for invites, and one for best meme! The top prizes in each are between 50 and 500M, which is a large sum, so I invite you today to come join and see their amazing news for yourself! https://discord.gg/CCGqDK2x
  6. A. How do we know there will be a gw then? We could easily prevent it. B. Reasonable price involves looking at the market and at locutus, prices shift over time. C. The free market is actually somewhat corrupt and broken.
  7. Hello everyone, I and my assistant I'm Alive are making a supermarket. First of all, we will have a logo contest with 1M as the price, pretty small, ik, but $ is $! Secondly, we will buy your old stockpiles for a reasonable price as well! We sell VIP for exquisite offers, and we DO have counting for giveaways https://discord.gg/tycw5CWqWF is our link, and finally, we are very customer-friendly and use Locutus to view customer history and approval.
  8. The defendant (me) is guilty of DM advertising, so I was banned.
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