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    I want to clarify something. Recently I gotten a PM, and I won't disclose the person's identity unless they want to. Anyways this person was claiming someone's land was invalid and should be removed. He is referring to the 4 allowance to gift lands. The land he is referring to is land given to Panzer from an RPer Abigail who gifted him land when Abigail left NatRP. At the time, there was no rules about a player leaving gifting all their lands to another RPer, and I will not force Lelouch to remove those claims due to the point it was valid at the time. At this time, I am opening a discussion about implementing a rule about this situation, to end the loophole. So discuss, come up with a valid rule and once it's all agreed, and I deem the rule to be fair, I'll add it to the Map Rules.
  3. Alice Abernathy

    Actually help the market prices

    That guy is annoying +1 warn point!
  4. Nice double post. Lolbalancing out. Highly one-sided rp is shit rp. Doesnt matter if you decide you wont use highly advanced weapons unrealistic of the Orbis world isnt the problem, the problem is you came to NatRP with those abilities at the beiginning. No effort in building a solid foundation to an actual more reasonable and more interesting RP. Of course i am not making decisions, nor said i was gonna reset technology, only supported the idea that tech between each RPers nation shouldnt be that far from eachother.
  5. I dont necessarily agree with the consent waive thread. Either A) dismantle the rule or make it less restrictive Or B.) Keep the status quo and let NatRP die because there isnt surprising events. Of course we shouldnt let unrealistic "i invade i take everything" pop up, but a well thought out invasion and realistic invasion that doesnt end with "all ur land belongs to us" on the same post are looked down upon because of people dont want to leave their comfort zone. Nations irl wouldnt go to their enemies and ask for permission to attack them. Tech - I wouldn't care about the tech issue but i seen it happen quite often where a random rper who comes in as space-faring act arrogant and develope a godlike mindset and is basically godmodding.
  6. Tbh im too lazy to break the quotes down to answer this, so i bolded my response.
  7. To be quite honest, i would support resetting everyone to a certain time period and have to RP advancing their technology as the time goes, as it isnt *realistic* for space-faring nations to be co-existing with modern-time based nations. It does give an unfair advantage, where modern-day nations could only use guerilla warfare while their opponents can simply use a spaceship to use orbital bombardment. I would also think either removing the Consent rule or changing the wording so more creative wars can start, it would make it more interesting if every event in an RP war wasn't pre-planned.
  8. Alice Abernathy

    Current Treaties & Agreements

  9. Thus was moved to the OOC Discussion subforums. This is a great discussion guys, Let me know what you guys need and ill see what i can do o/
  10. Alice Abernathy

    NatRP Reference List

    Im unpinning this topic since the creator of this toluc is no longer in NatRP If someone else wants to create a reference list and is able to update it daily, let me know and ill pin your topic
  11. Alice Abernathy

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-opened!

    I want to make this distinctively clear, there is no rules on how many times a person can reroll to NatRP, nor will I approve the rule for NatRP. Of course if someone abuses the NatRP applications, then we would handle it via warnings and then eventually bans from the map, but there is no limit on how many times a member can apply to the Map as long as its not abusive behavior(example: changing everyday).
  12. Alice Abernathy

    NatRP Map and RP Rules.

    This topic will serve as a placeholder for the map's rules as well as open a suggestion box from the community to recommend new rules. However, all rules will have a Mod conduct the final verdict. Colonies can only be added one month after you join You can only expand by four provinces per month You can't expand in the same month you've been added to the map and must wait a month before doing so You may only move up to four provinces to another location per month You must make an RP post within two days of signing up. If you're going to take up space on the map, then actually involve yourself with the roleplay here. You must make a post every month in order to be kept on the map. If you are removed you will have one week to re-apply or lose your claims. (If you are going inactive let somebody to know and you'll be kept) A minimum of five sentences must be in your RP Post or it will be considered invalid. Colonies are capped at 5 in total with 20 pieces of land ​
  13. Alice Abernathy

    Earth Map for Organic(Approved by Alice)

  14. Alice Abernathy

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-opened!

    Highly unnecessary to say.

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