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  1. Ah yes, not addressing my points... Again. Alright, instead of indulging you this time, I'm just going to ask one question. Manage to answer that and I'll reply to the various accusations you've levied here. Here's my question: Do you think that what I am saying is fundamentally incorrect? Do you not agree, that tantrum throwing and refusing to post losses is detrimental to RP? Do you actually disagree with what I am saying, or just the way you're saying it?
  2. Be bad at the craft all you want. All I've been complaining about in this thread is people throwing a tantrum, just because they can't stand the idea of losing. If you want to type single paragraph posts, that are utterly bland. Fine. But if you are one of the Problem Children I speak of, with the unstainable ego that can't accept losses. Then: Yeah, you should change that.
  3. That moment that actual effort is equated with being mentally handicapped. Ah yes, the retards: masters of science, poetry, business, and literature. Only a broken mind could wish to master their craft! How silly of me.
  4. I understand the point you're making. But I do have to point one thing our: Fanfic is not communal by nature. You can do it on your own without even needing an audience, let alone interacting with anyone. RPing is, by contrast, communal. Which means if someone is messing things up IC, it messes things up for everyone IC. It's like the difference between your room being messy, and you making a mess in the kitchen. Naturally, your roommates will be a bit irked with you.
  5. No, it is not. Not at all. A is not B. A, in this context, is the Egotism that makes someone completely unwilling to post loses, or lose a character, or have a lack of control. B, is merely cocky abrasiveness. A cocky, and beligerent person can still admit they've lost. A cocky person, in fact, is more likely to lose. (Again, my main man Kan Ek is gonna die in another RP because he got cocky.) As much of a prick as I am, I can still post loses. I can still accept defeat. I can still let my massive pride take a blow, and bend over in acceptance of this fact. My brand of Ego type B, will not result in the Moderator's complaint box being filled up cause someone beat me fair and square. Nor will it result in me refusing to accept that the enemy who's outplayed me will beat me. Ego type A, on the other hand DOES result in the Mods being flooded (to the extent that one ragequit being a mod). It does result in people being unable to accept losses. It does cause people to throw a tantrum when they don't get their way IC. Essentially, I'm a Gym Brat complaining about Tantrum Throwing, and you're saying in response: "Well you throw things around too!".. Well yeah, but not because I'm salty and want to break everything in the room! I'm throwing stuff around to practice my log tossing, which I happen to take pride in.
  6. Well it started off as me calling out someone for being hateful, and then replying to someone that the egotism will be/is an issue even with the consent rule in place. That's right, someone else actually brought up that people throw fits when they don't win first! All I did is point out that this behavior is but a symptom of a larger issue... I didn't start being a prick until you people decided that, of all the flavors available, you wanted to be salty.
  7. I comprehended it fine, it was simply a non issue. OOC =/= IC. If it does, then you're doing something wrong.
  8. Ah yes, I understand fully. I refuse to get involved with politics, personally. Never know how leading a political party will effect you, what if I become Literally Hitler?!? In all seriousness, not wanting to try to perfect your hobby, and fearing doing so will make you a completely different person is... Sad... Literally, a depressing thought. The idea that you feel your own self image is so vulnerable, that you will become an Angry Mayan Cosplayer like me if you improve yourself, is genuinely revolting. That is excessively weak willed. If you're not being serious, tho, then all you've done is... Literally nothing. Except make yourself look delusional. I can tolerate prickishness, but insanity is never a flattering color to wear.
  9. Apologize, I didn't know we were still In Character and that we're RPing now! *Coughs, starts channeling his inner Mayan* "By the grace of the Sacred Lights, by staining my Kingly Name, I must offer you up as Sacrifice to Ah-Bolom-Tzacab! Ready your beachheads, or perhaps your front door. For I, Kan 'Ek, highest Ajaw of the Noh Chactun, shall do battle with you and your ilk! By the Gods, and the Ancestors, my will Shall be done!"
  10. Our egotism doesn't descend into RP. Like I said, egotism outside of RP is fine. So long as you can compartmentalize it. Actually, people in the UMS don't think that. People in the UMS think that people higher up the tech tree shouldn't interfere with MT nations unprovoked. Not unleashing MOAB's on Ancient Greece is just good RP etiquette. Heck, most of us, myself included, even gimp ourselves when fighting less developed nations who actually provoked the fight. Dylan(Schwieger, he of the Pepsi avatar who plays the Pords), has even gone on record saying "Pordish strength accommodates to the other persons RP skill". And this is NOT idle talk. I've seen it first hand: Dylan will take losses that according to his Tech, he shouldn't, simply because he respected the craftsmanship of the other guys RP.
  11. Your proposal is great. The only issue is that many in the community are just in it for keks, and lels. Many of the community here, especially the older members, aren't that interested in making things make sense. They just want to blow off steam... It'll be like trying to get some kids who just want to stick fight, to get into LARP. A few might be tempted, but many will just want to continue stick fighting.
  12. I know he/she's new and wasn't there. Heck most of the people posting in this thread are new faces... Hence why I'm explaining things to them. I don't have to reply to you telling you all of this, you were there. And as you've hinted to here, you already know your biases. Which brings me to an interesting point: If you perceived me as calling Luxa Biased, that is a misinterpretation on your part... Literally my only responses to them have been: 1) Being snarky at them for their overreaction to me bolding and underlining things for emphasis. *Gasp* The Horror! 2) Explaining that I was being snarky in my response. Telling them to get over the Bolding. 3) The above which... Hmm, yeah you're no psychic. I didn't call them biased there either. #RIP PS: Nobody listened to me when I wasn't being an Ass either. Hell, no one listened to any of the guys who weren't being an ass. Actually, no that's not true. Some did listen. And those people also listened to me, with one saying they were wrong about me... #RIP F
  13. I started off my post insulting Featherine, for being an !@#$. This is true. But what did he/she do? Bold and underline something? Contribute to the conversation by pointing out the uncomfortable truths? No... They were literally telling someone who was apologizing to them, after doing nothing actually wrong, that they hated them. THAT is the person you're white knighting right now. Okay? I don't even like Cheonsa, Cultra Vult till the day I die, but that kind of response is obviously uncalled for. Prickish as I can be, I'm not going to hate someone and spit on their apology, just because they're bad at something. If anything, Cheonsa's sincerity would make me want to help them get good but I digress. Now that this is out of the way.. Yeah, there's Egotism on NS, but NS is so big that you can actually avoid it. Hell there's even Egotism in the UMS, but we can usually whittle it down to a more managable size through persuasion. But I digress. Anyways, when you have people stating outright that their stuff is invincible, or their characters unkillable(without even having anything like Godhood backing that up), then yes that's Egotism. It is also disturbingly common in NatRP. They can be egotistical pricks for all I care, it only bothers me when they bring it into the RP. As for me, my "ego" is just a well earned respect for the RP abilities I have developed over the past Decade... Not the destructive, volatile, Egotism that causes RPs to crash because someone didn't want to post any losses. With me, so long as you're not a fool on the tactical level, you can beat me in an RP. Probably even kill off a beloved character. That's a far cry from the people on this forum, and you know it. Or at least you should know it after this post.
  14. They do. There's an entire in crowd in this community, centered around certain key members and their yes men. These people are the cause of the consent rule, as well, due to constant whining to the mods. Whining which got so bad, one mod basically ragequit his station, got on his forum account, and gave the whole community a "Reason you Suck" speech. So, yeah, there's a whiny, overly sensitive, clique in this community. Which do back each-other, unconditionally, against outsiders... They are, in fact, the reason the forum is so nonsensical. Because they do 80% of their RP in private, on discord. Ever notice how random treaties come up between nations, with no precedent?. That isn't because they were too lazy to RP it out, and decided it via messages. That is the result of these people, RPing it out on discord, for hours sometimes, and just posting the result. I wouldn't point how unproductive this is out to them on said discord, however, as they'll ban you. If you hadn't misinterpreted emphasis as rudeness, I wouldn't have felt compelled to show you actual rudeness in response. Stop whining over nothing. Seriously.
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