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  1. Cob

    Dunked On

    If that was a part of the treaty then I know for a fact that TKR would have kept fighting till the bitter end. Slack Rools Discord Drules neeerrrrd
  2. I'm just popping by to say hello. Good luck in the war, and I feel sad and betrayed by this. There could have been peace if FA actually prevailed instead of escalation 😢
  3. Cob

    We Win

    We as TKR desperately needed this Ego boost. Can't go 3 months without a win for us you know?
  4. Cob

    We Win

    Hear Yea Hear Yea, my name is Cob. I am the perpetual "not quite FA Gov" member of TKR, and it was my idea to start the meme war with Aurora. Yes, that meme war that no one cares about anymore. I am digging it up from the grave to declare that we won. Thank you, that is all. You may now go back to your boring lives. TL;DR TKR wins and Aurora Sucks Signatures Benfro-TKR Queen Yzard- The real Leader of Aurora (Yes you signed it, no you don't remember doing so. Oh well this isn't a scam)
  5. Ahh yes, "meme" war. Definitely not accompanied by meme attacks. No "It's just a prank bro!"s shall be heard ringing across the battlefield
  6. Well that was unexpected. Good luck with &, if the rumors are true
  7. Me thinks someone feels left out of the celebrations
  8. I.... The fact that the production quality is as high as it is for a RoH is very, very amazing. Like, who voiced that? Because that could be a professional voice actor. And damn, that mic quality too! All in all, I want to shoot myself because I loved it
  9. I thought you were defending it, my bad. I'm sometimes bad with how it works out on forums
  10. @KiWilliam Even giving the most generous way of saying it, A-dree-anne, it is still at *best* a bad slant rhyme because of the s. If you pronounce it any differently, then it doesn't work in the slightest. And still, what is the joke here? Truly I want to know
  11. @Deulos what? Like, I understand that jokes get less funny when they are explained, but I must be small brained because I don't even know what this is supposed to mean. Truly please explain it to me. Are you calling her a PoS that you are digging out of your arsehole? Like, is that what the joke is? I am not strawmannirg, I truly do not understand what the joke here is
  12. I got no clue what's going on so all I say is "HEAR HEAR TO MORE WARS!"
  13. Cob


    Someone feeling left out? If you wanted to have war I'm sure you could have joined one side or the other of GnR
  14. It's at times like these that I wish I was just 5 cities higher. Being C17 is rough. But, knowing that I'm still almost begging my opponent in a 1v3 defensive war is fun. Keep on Hollywoo, Keep on.
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