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  1. Dajobo

    Happy Birthday to Grumpy!

    "in 1000 days I have removed 3 members for not meeting our standards, and 5 people have left voluntarily." This speak volumes to me. Well done!
  2. Dajobo

    Imperial Decree - Polaris

    I wish I even knew what or who TLF is! o/ Polaris
  3. Dajobo

    1/22/2015 - Treasures

    I love this idea in principle but his line disturbs me "Yes, you can have as many treasures as you can capture at once, but if you are defeated in a war you will lose them all." This means over time one nation will end up with all of the treasures. Every defeat will equal an amalgamation.
  4. Dajobo

    UPN Announcement

    As a member of UPN I applaud this logical decision.
  5. Dajobo

    Ripped off on a Nuclear Power plant

    Thanks Sheepy. I'll go buy it again. Also to those who asked, plenty of uranium. Just some weird glitch.
  6. Just minutes ago I bought nuclear power for Wellington. It took the money and steel but gave no power plant! Unsure how long it takes to fix so I grabbed two oil powered ones till you get time.
  7. It would seem to me that CIN really want a proper war upfront. http://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=622&display=war
  8. Nation Name: Bogan Nation Nation Link: http://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=654

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