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  1. I know nothing about the Politics on this planet but I know how to drink so this must be good!
  2. "in 1000 days I have removed 3 members for not meeting our standards, and 5 people have left voluntarily." This speak volumes to me. Well done!
  3. I wish I even knew what or who TLF is! o/ Polaris
  4. I love this idea in principle but his line disturbs me "Yes, you can have as many treasures as you can capture at once, but if you are defeated in a war you will lose them all." This means over time one nation will end up with all of the treasures. Every defeat will equal an amalgamation.
  5. As a member of UPN I applaud this logical decision.
  6. Thanks Sheepy. I'll go buy it again. Also to those who asked, plenty of uranium. Just some weird glitch.
  7. Just minutes ago I bought nuclear power for Wellington. It took the money and steel but gave no power plant! Unsure how long it takes to fix so I grabbed two oil powered ones till you get time.
  8. It would seem to me that CIN really want a proper war upfront. http://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=622&display=war
  9. Nation Name: Bogan Nation Nation Link: http://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=654
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