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  1. As predicted raiders all hate the idea. What a shock!
  2. Borg the bit you aren't considering here is balance. Atm there is no purpose in infra as it is a handicap. Why do you think raiders have bugger all infra? This means the game mechanics are all skewed to more small cities. They can't lose a city, they can't lose land and they have about 5 bucks worth of infra. Raiding is 100% risk and consequence free while trying to build a nation is super risky. The second thing is raiders chose to attack. Usually it's players who's RL doesn't allow them to be online enough to co-ordinate with others. This makes raiding totally risk free again. Players trying to build a nation don't chose to 1 v1 a raider. They don't even chose to be attacked. Why shouldn't a larger nation be a harder target?
  3. Problem: All that matters in regards to war is how many cities you have. This means raiders with more cities and no infra will always beat people trying to grow their nations. Making military size set by infra instead just copies CN and wouldn't solve the issue at all. Solution: Keep military size exactly as it is but let military building speed be determined by infra. E.G. A city with 1000 infra needs three days to rebuild army. 2000 needs two days and 3000 can rebuild all in one day. Now more cities means more military so you still keep that incentive and balance. More infra now is also worthwhile as you can rebuild faster meaning infra doesn't make you a sitting duck. Infra is expensive over 3k so encouraging people to spend up on it also sucks a lot of cash out of the game slowing inflation.
  4. I know nothing about the Politics on this planet but I know how to drink so this must be good!
  5. "in 1000 days I have removed 3 members for not meeting our standards, and 5 people have left voluntarily." This speak volumes to me. Well done!
  6. I wish I even knew what or who TLF is! o/ Polaris
  7. I love this idea in principle but his line disturbs me "Yes, you can have as many treasures as you can capture at once, but if you are defeated in a war you will lose them all." This means over time one nation will end up with all of the treasures. Every defeat will equal an amalgamation.
  8. As a member of UPN I applaud this logical decision.
  9. Thanks Sheepy. I'll go buy it again. Also to those who asked, plenty of uranium. Just some weird glitch.
  10. Just minutes ago I bought nuclear power for Wellington. It took the money and steel but gave no power plant! Unsure how long it takes to fix so I grabbed two oil powered ones till you get time.
  11. It would seem to me that CIN really want a proper war upfront. http://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=622&display=war
  12. Nation Name: Bogan Nation Nation Link: http://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=654
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