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  1. Because people have been trying to entice me over here for years. So I decided to take a sip of the kool aid
  2. Yes, he only got brought to it because they thought it was a bot network. It was not a bot network, it was something even more nefarious.
  3. In the eyes of the Judge, Jury and Executioner (Admin) there was sufficient evidence and grounds to perform the actions undertaken. He gathered the Intel himself which he acted upon. Personally I don't think you can use the argument that they used admins to fight their battle in this example.
  4. The volume of breaching the game TOS meant that a significantly more impactful punishment than a simple nation reset was deemed required. I mean, they can come back in 6months to a year. That's less than some people in other worlds got.
  5. Hi Stewieland II has joined the Church. Let's see how far this rabbit hole goes.
  6. Classic NPO gag order in effect. He didn't go for a confession, he raised an enquiry to NPO Gov with the evidence and they admitted it.
  7. So you were scamming people? Also it is *were* Your grammar needs some work.
  8. Any form of scanlations are technically illegal under copyright law. As are any form of fan modification. It's why a lot of gaming companies used to issue C&Ds against game mods.
  9. Apart from your leadership admitting to it. As alex reported in the OP
  10. Welp. This escalated. Admin's word is law. Whichever way it goes. Well done Alex for having the fortitude to make a decision I am sure was significantly more difficult than any of us could dare to comprehend.
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