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  1. getting rolled with kastor, best times ever
  2. mmhhmmmm here's another one
  3. wut wut /me looks for Yui
  4. Frenemies that's normal tho people do that all the time.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kebwTsRZ7bs I like it and stuck in my head
  6. Nah its not illegal. We exercise the right for the freedom of the seas!
  7. HD res then there's a deal
  8. Get yourself one or we all fight for one
  9. I didn't know eLawyering was a thing till I first heard it now
  10. Too much treaties= less wars too much agreements= everybody gets along so so so well totally There should be contracts instead We should go back in time and let everyone fight each other
  11. Just curious where things stand if people want a global war. Let the votes come through.
  12. 1,989 miles long for a stupid wall? Lmao I would say that 1,989+ reasons for why its stupid to build a wall
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