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  1. *Posting this here because the Paradox Board is inactive JP and myself have created a Paradox discord server (Hoi4, EU4, CK2, etc.) and are looking for people to build the community. You can find people of similar interests and play multiplayer games. If you are interested, please join! https://discord.gg/zKtKmRN
  2. P&P Banking is a new privately owned bank currently accepting loan applications and deposits. There are no limits as to how much you can request, and there is no set minimum deposit. You can find all the information about loans and deposits in our charter, linked below. Charter If you take a loan from P&P and then refer someone to us, you will get 7% in-game cash of the principal loan amount. The owners are Kevin D (@Darth Marr) and Nick Fury (@RealMikePence). Feel free to contact about loans or deposits in game or on discord, however discord will get you a quicker response. Bank Discord NickFury Kevin D Current interest rate: 4%. Those with bad credit history may be subject to a higher rate.
  3. The Federal Reserve and The Holy Britannian Empire agree to white peace. Signed for The Federal Reserve NickFury, Co-Chairman JP Morgan, Co-Chairman Kevin D, Board Member Grant, Board Member Signed for the Holy Britannian Empire hadesflames, Emperor of Britannia - Bot Master General TheSnipe, Prime Minister and Lord of Lords Sylvia, Lady of Foreign Affairs SteuartGeharon, Lord of Finance Kasai, Lord of Internal Affairs Chekhov, Lord of Defense Torshiro Mifune, Senator of Foreign Affairs Nyagato, Senator of Finance Johnny Costello, Senator of Internal Affairs
  4. That theorem isn't practical for the real world. It doesn't directly apply to decisions with more than 2 outcomes. There can be multiple choices and in order to choose the "most correct" choice, everyone would have to be really informed. If you say the "most correct" choice still has the best odds over all other choices you are setting the bar really high for the average voter. A single person or group of people with a lot of knowledge on the subject has a better chance of getting the "most correct" answer.
  5. Don't Ron Paul this And thanks for the welcome guys!
  6. You know you left with us too right?
  7. Joined as UK. Also the WW1 version is still up and running. It's Supremacy 1914 for anyone that wants to try.
  8. 1. Rose 2. Alpha 3. The Syndicate 4. Mensa 5. TKR 6. Teutonic Order 7. VE
  9. Eric Welcome Back I remember you. Was too bad you left for some time but its great your back.
  10. Don't judge I've been traveling and just saw this
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