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  1. BRADLEY BABY I MISS YOU @Bradley Davies
  2. Jeez, why is the tutorial featuring a notepad and crappy generic music?
  3. . I tried to post a picture here, but I failed, so imma just kill myself images (1).jfif
  4. So, is this the part where we pretend like we didn't see this coming?
  5. So you just gave up your Sovreignty, for protection? Jeez, if you are going to do that, why go with Rose of all alliances?
  6. Thank god, they're few times when I would go into the Trade Screen and not see that, not that I don't understand the reason, but this is nice however.
  7. What I make now Im not entirely at 100% commerce yet, but I am working my way up there.
  8. Alright, thanks! I'll try that out
  9. So basically, what you are saying is switch from Industry, to Commerce, and use that to build a military?
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