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  1. seems like 90% of the population of the world these days
  2. better than sakura union, i approve thanks to spazzy
  3. First Reply, I support, so the first article will be the CoupZed in syndiland, thats what the birds are chirping
  4. Just like old times, welcome to the past tldr: I am just waiting for CoupZed2k17 to happen
  5. I thought they tried that already
  6. No S/O to Arrgh yikess, the only time I fought Mensa in the best war Hats off to you guys, *sends a package of rum*
  7. I thought that was Sansa Stark's stark flag...
  8. Noice, have fun at t$ with much love from the monies
  9. all of his econ projects but not all of his projects, only NRF and MLP remain
  10. They did something I could not, congrats
  11. pretty much they were here a year ago now they back again
  12. aiming to get rolled? sounds like it
  13. Step 1: Ask this in Orbis Central Step 2: Get in gov Step 3: Thats all
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