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  1. I thought they tried that already
  2. No S/O to Arrgh yikess, the only time I fought Mensa in the best war Hats off to you guys, *sends a package of rum*
  3. I thought that was Sansa Stark's stark flag...
  4. Noice, have fun at t$ with much love from the monies
  5. all of his econ projects but not all of his projects, only NRF and MLP remain
  6. like two weeks ago lol
  7. They did something I could not, congrats
  8. pretty much they were here a year ago now they back again
  9. aiming to get rolled? sounds like it
  10. Step 1: Ask this in Orbis Central Step 2: Get in gov Step 3: Thats all
  11. Insert Flag Here Anyways I need to give it more purple cake
  12. o/ TKR o/ NK good to see this, so the next part will it be the orange or the sun revolution accords
  13. hosts at my place then <3
  14. so more cakes at the round tables?
  15. Literally Manatee but Congrats anyways guys! <3
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