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  1. Forgiveness is very complex thing. It is very personal to each person. Somethings I can forgive others don't. I like to think I don't hurt people but I am human so choices I make en up hurting people. I try to live by when someone tells me that that I hurt them I don't get to decide that I didn't. I chose not to vote in your poll OP because as said earlier forgiving someone is very personal. It should work out with each other. I know I have offended people that I care about, I attempted to make amends and seek their forgiveness, some forgave others haven't until I make more amends.
  2. Redarmy

    What if....?

    Why am I allied to you? Damn it NPO.
  3. Pretty sure this is how the Titanic sunk.
  4. Yo fam, can I get a play by play?
  5. Well this thread took a turn I didn't expect. Good luck y'all
  6. I welcome the challenge, my fellow lefty. Good Luck
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