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  1. I personally don't really care either way. It's going to happen every war. Side A is will make fun of Side B for x number of people in VM. Then Side B will point out how many people on Side A are on VM. If we blocked people from posting on the forums, they will just go to discord.
  2. Tbh I tried deleting but I thought about poor Alex starving.
  3. Redarmy

    peace talks

    I know that's a perception. A perception I didn't care to correct.
  4. Redarmy

    peace talks

    I like you when you're crazy. It's cute.
  5. I don't think a cap is the way to go. I would look for ways to encourage alliances to spend that money and resources. Maybe alliance wide projects? At the end of the day, we'll adapt to the changes.
  6. Sometimes Bob drinks to much.
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