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  1. Dillon A McCann

    Declaration of War on Gaurdian

    It's not like EMC has more than 3 times the members of nuke bloc or anything.
  2. Dillon A McCann

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    lol "in defense"
  3. Dillon A McCann

    Bite the pillow we're going in dry.

  4. Dillon A McCann

    DEFCON 1 Declaration of Existence (DOE)

    Good luck guys! Don't listen to Thomas, nobody likes him anyway.
  5. Dillon A McCann

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

  6. Dillon A McCann

    The Majestic Treehouse Episode

  7. Dillon A McCann

    Alchemic Fire DOE

  8. Dillon A McCann

    Dear Pantheon

    Shouldn't you be banned from the forums for not having a nation?
  9. Dillon A McCann


    RIP ZD. Went from #4 to dead in less than a year, gj.
  10. Dillon A McCann

    AIMing to be danker

    That would be dynamic.
  11. At least someone is doing something Dynamic™...
  12. Dillon A McCann

    Zodiac is weak

    I mean everything you said about Zodiac is kinda true, but this thread isn't necessary lmao.
  13. Dillon A McCann

    For Sale/Lease

  14. Dillon A McCann

    World Bank initiative

    This is a good idea! I like it.

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